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The Origin Sonowal Kachari Tribe


The Origin Sonowal Kachari Tribe

Sonowal Kachari is one of the most indigenous tribal communities of Assam.

Do you know how they named Sonowal Kachari?

Actually, during the time of Ahom rule, these people worked as Gold dusters in the rivers of Assam. And it is easy to understand if you are an Indo-Aryan language speaking person that Sona means Gold. And that is why these people, who worked gold related works, were defined by Ahom king via Sonowal Degree.

Nowadays they are the inhabitants of Lakhimpur, Dibrugarh, Dhemaji, and Tinsukia districts of Assam

Now, let’s take a look at their source of birth……

You may know; most of the indigenous tribes living in North-Eastern India have the source of birth from Mongolian ethnicity.

Sonowal people are not different from it.

According to some scholars and ethnographers, the origin of Sonowal Kachari people is especially from Tibeto-Chinese region that is why a very close relationship with the Tibeto-Chinese languages has seen with their traditional language.

Now Point Number 2………..


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Sonowal Kachari Tribe’s Traditional Language

Sonowal Kachari language is born from the Tibeto-Chinese language family, which is known as Kachari language in Assam.

Their Kachari language current condition can’t be considered particularly well, because of the wider dominance of Assamese and Bengali language.

Too many children and young people of their new generation do not even know to speak the Kachari language.

So now these things become big threads to their traditional language survival.

So, Next point is……..



Traditional Dresses of Sonowal Kachari Tribe

Sonowal Kachari people weave too many traditional dresses.

Generally, they design their traditional clothes in homemade looms.  Sonowal women’s are very expert in processing hand looms; therefore they make some beautiful dresses like Chadar, Mekhla, Riha, Dhoti, and Kurta at their homes.

One quality that I like most in the tribe is…….

They are very liberal; hence they have less social restrictions in wearing modern dresses like Jeans, T-shirts, and Scarts etc.

If you see their traditional ornamental sides then there are too many traditional ornaments that they have, such as Gamkharu or Kangan, Kerumoni, Thuria, Biri and Dugdugi etc.

During Habuki or Rongali Bihu time Sonowal women ware these dresses for dancing.


  • Bohua Dance festival
  • Habuki or Rongali Bihu
  • Magh Bihu
  • Kati Bihu


Generally, Sonowal Kachari people celebrate all the three Bihu’s, which are celebrated centrally in Assam state.



  • Boiled Rice
  • Silk Worm or Caterpillars (Muga leta)
  • Bamboo Shots (Bah Gaj)
  • Rice Beer (Apong or Haz)
  • Pork Meat (Gahori Manxho)
  • Soft Rice or Kumol Chawal
  • Kath Aloo
  • Chunga Chawal or Bamboo tube rice etc.



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