Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary


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This post is all about a [beautiful] wildlife sanctuary, situated in a north-eastern state of Indian sub-continent, Assam. And this beautiful wildlife sanctuary is Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary


Where it is Located

The Sonai-Rupai wildlife sanctuary is located in Sonitpur district of Assam state.

It covers the total area around 220 km2, which is also spared to the great foothills of Himalayas.

Generally, it is situated 52 km away from the main town of Sonitpur district, which is Tezpur.

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Why it is famous for

There are a lot of causes why it is an especial attraction for tourists.

Do you want to know, which are they?

Then let’s take a look at its famous causes.

The very first one is its different types of plants and trees. According to some case studies these trees and plants are very hard to find in any other part in this planet, this is why this Sanctuary has a major attraction, especially for Botanist.

The 2nd Major cause is its animals and different species of birds. If you are a bird lover then you can enjoy here the beauty of colorful, multi-species of birds, which are some revolting and some are residential.

In animals, Lesser Cat and Elephant are its main attraction. 


Animals, Reptiles, and Birds

Here are some examples of animals, reptiles, and birds founded in Sonai-Rupai:-

  • In Mammals: – You will find here Muntjac or Barking Deer, Tigers, Lesser Cat, Wild Boar, Leopard, Pygmy Hog, Swamp Deer and Gaur etc.
  • Reptiles: – Viper, Python, Greater Black Krait, Bengal Cobra, Striped Keelback and many more.
  • In Birds: – You will find here residential beautiful birds like Pelicans, White-Winged Duck, Hornbill, Kingfisher. And in revolting birds Siberian Crane, Amur Falcon, Blue Tailed Bee Eater, Bluethroat, Greater Flamingo and Bar Headed Goose etc.
Python in Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary


Best time to tour

I highly recommend you for visiting Sonai-Rupai during the only winter season, in the months from 1st November to 30 April.

Spring is not so good or preferable because of the lack of better transport and communication conditions.


History and Threat

Sonai Rupai wildlife Sanctuary comes under the administration of Forest and Environment department of Assam.

In 1998 this sanctuary was established by Assam government with an area of 175 kmbut later it was extended to 220 km2.

Though it has really a vast area property; but, nowadays it is into a situation of major threat.


Because most of its area is highly denuded by extremist activities.

According to many professors, nowadays Sonai-Rupai only left as a showcase of Assam government tourism program but the reality is most of the tourist still afraid to visit there for the threat of extremist activities.

On the other hand, illegal sawmills boosting up in the destruction of its forest and wildlife ecosystem.

Many valuable trees and plants are cut off by some virtueless people or mafias. According to a study, a very threatening result comes out that every year; the figure of more than 1.5 crore’s rupees are left out to outside from here.

It is expected that the situation will improve very soon, but for this, the government will have to take strictest steps, and at the same time, the people here also have to change their vision by understanding the situation as well.



Now, you decide and plan your next tour. Whether you want to tour Sonai-Rupai or elsewhere and let me know by commenting below.


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