Social Problems Of Assam


Assam has a lot of Social problems but Why?

Let’s crack it today………………. 

Actually, Assam is a north-eastern state of India. And India is the world one of the oldest country. According to some approach, Indian civilization built before around 5000 years ago. 

In different times people are been immigrating to this country with different languages, religious belief, and multicultural elements. 

Hence there is nothing shocking here that Indian civilization is very old and complicated. In present time India’s whole society is highly influenced by these all phenomenon that been happening at different times. 

Here, Assam is a part of India. Therefore, it is natural that it’s social system is highly influenced by India’s social system and values. 

There is no doubt that the norm and values are significant to each society to run it smoothly. But sometimes the same values become responsible boosters of creating such social complications.

Social Problems Of Assam

9 Major Social Problems of Assam

  • Unemployment
  • Illiteracy
  • Poverty
  • Child Labor
  • Sexual Violence
  • Gender Inequality
  • Extremist Activity
  • Domestic Violence
  • Corruption

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4 Main Reasons

Society is the web of social relations. Therefore no social problem is alone. All are related to each other. 

For example- child laboring is a social problem but this problem is not autonomous. Because child laboring driven by some other phenomenon. Like child trafficking or poverty. 

However, every society in the world has its own unique issues to others. Even Assam is not far away from it. 

This state has also some very crucial reasons for some major social issues. These reasons are like:-


1. Illegal Immigration: – Illegal immigration is a substantial issue for Assam. There are more than four and a half decade gone.

But illegal immigration from neighboring countries is still been generating a huge population structure in the state. 

Individually it is not impacting on population structure. But furthermore leading numerous social issues, such as shelter issue, food deficiency, employment troubles etc.

And as I told you above that no social issues are independent. Hence, these affairs leading other additional issues in the north-eastern state.


2. Non-Occupation Based Education System: – Earning is very important to everyone’s life struggle. But for earning some money one needs to do work first and every work requires skill.

How a person will do a job if he/she has no skill or not taught at primary level?

Assam’s education policies are old. It is not for innovating new ideas and skill development. A student who educated in this system does not become able to earn some money.

After leaving school and colleges, That student remained as unemployed.

Non-occupation based education system is another evaluating fact of unemployment growth index in the state.

And we already know that unemployment is one of the fastest growing seed, which is responsible for many other social complications.


3.Irrational Believe System: – Wealth or crisis of a society is always rest on its people’s conception procedure.

If a society grows or falls than nothing is unique here but the positive and native thought process.

The main thing which works behind social problems in Assamese society is its people thoughts. This is the 21st century, the ages of science and technology.

Here people are almost ready to go and build a home in the Red Planet. But in Assam, the majority of people are still blind believers.

For the problems like Witch haunting, Gender inequalities are still examples of the results of irrational belief system. So this is also a reason for major social problems in Assam. 


4. Impact Of Globalization: – In the period of Globalization multicultural activities are become spared all over the world. Multicultural activities also flaring westernization and modernization in Asian countries.

Here I am not trying to show you merits and demerits of westernization in eastern countries.

But western cultural thoughts are not still assimilating among most of the Asian countries people’s thought. Such as Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Nepalese etc. 

In the end, some unusual or unwanted activities happen in these societies. Although today western cultures flaring widely in Assamese society.

But sometimes there are a lot of problems arises because of its some misuses. Examples are drugs addition, sexual violence’s, prostitution etc.

Reasons Of Social Issues in Assam

Population growth

How To Solve [3 Ways]

Where is no problem? Problem is everywhere but it completely depends on us how we try to solve it. Actually, the problem is not the problem, because it is natural in human society.

until we live in the world we have to fight against obstacles.

What Elon Musk says “Problem is not the problem, to finding the solution is the biggest problem”. Assam has many social issues but each and every substantial issue has its own lock openers.

Here are some points I describe below how we can solve social issues of Assam:-


1. Education for skill, skill for earning: – So my very first point is the education for skill, skill for earning. Now the time comes to make emendation in the old education system and add some new policies.

At the present time, the world is shifting to its technical home. And here people need to be skilled to earn and survive.

Changing and adding new technical skill ideas in education policy will help the new generation to become self-independent. It will also help them earn minimum bucks to fulfill their daily needs.

Genuinely occupational science encourages people to become self-determining rather than others dependency.

So if this method will be applied in Assam’s education system than it will be very helpful in the future to reduce unemployment in the state.

If unemployment level goes down then it will automatically reduce problems like poverty, domestic violence, and robbery etc.


2. Education for quality, not for quantity: – Each year a large number of students complete graduation and post graduation.

But I ask you, are they actually providing values for their society, where they live in? 90% student’s perspective answer is ‘not’. Why?

Because they are the graduates and postgraduates of quantity only, not of quality. Percentage based education system is its main cause.

By perspective of human resource index, these students are the complete waste of the country.

They will provide no value for the country’s development. On the other hand, they only are huge burdens.

Therefore now we need to convert the quantity based education into a quality based education. Quality means morality, spirituality and skill ability.


3. Prevent Illegal Population: – With a huge population structure, a nation faces a lot of issues in development purpose.

Assam already has some substantial issue of illegal immigration. the excess population is always an enemy of a nation’s socio-economic development.

So here government and other regional powers have to take action peacefully to prevent this unwanted immigration.

If it will be stopped then many other Assam social problems will automatically be solved.



A great sociologist once said that a society is like a human body. Here each organs activity connected with other organs.

It does not matter a problem light or heavy. Only one thing should be remembered and that thing is social connectivity.

If a problem arises in society then it must be connected to another problem. And if we do want to solve it then first we have to solve that particular issue for which the final result we get as a problem.

I hope you liked today’s post on ‘Social problems of Assam’. If you really do, then……

Please let me know your opinion, what do you think about this issue.  


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