7 Small business ideas in Guwahati- An Introduction


‘small business ideas in Guwahati’ – Do you have the same question as our other readers have?

That’s really good thinking because most of the people in Assam do not even try to start their own business, I really appreciate those people who want to start their own company. 

That’s really great!

Maybe you have less money………..that is why you search for this term on google.

If this is really true…………

then you don’t worry, you are not alone here. we are ready to help you. 

Today, in this post we will share with you 7 small business ideas in Guwahati that you can easily start at a very low cost in that City.

So, let’s start this…………..

small business ideas in guwahati


7 Awesome Small Business Ideas in Guwahati


1. Home delivery or Home service: – Guwahati is a city of busyness, People have less time to go market and buy their daily needs. 

If you have no money or less money then you can go door to door and provide daily necessary items at people’s home. 

In this case, you will charge some extra money from them and that extra will be your profit.

Look my friend nowadays new business concept is growing in India, even in Assam too. So I think that these ideas will be more scaleable in the future.

And here you don’t need to feel any shame.


2. Food truck business: –  Today fast food business is in the boom. Day by day fast food popularity is growing on and on among people, especially in youths. 

You also can start a food truck; the reason why I suggest it because it does not contains too much money and any particular place, this can be done anywhere. 

If you start a food truck in Guwahati then it will definitely get a huge market.

  • Suggestion: profitable business ideas are in everywhere in Assam but we need to focus on it to become successful.
Food truck business in Guwahati


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3. Internet marketing coaching center: – Internet marketing businesses based on skill but contains less money to start an internet marketing coaching center. 

Upcoming age will be the age of the internet and digital marketing. So if you start a coaching center based on internet marketing then trust me, it can be taken to a huge business level in upcoming years. 

And in Guwahati, there is a vast space for internet marketing coaching center’s (reason – less competition, less effort, and high demand).


4. Online and offline affiliate marketing:- In the online affiliate marketing field you need technical skill but in offline you need people’s skill. 

Guwahati is a hub of multinational companies & these companies always been fighting against each other to win in the competition, hence they have been applying multiple techniques to stand on top rank. 

If you have any of these above skills then I suggest you go and meet the leaders and tell them, you want to be an affiliate of their products. 

Now all things depend on you how you develop affiliate skill but remember one thing, in the future affiliate industry, will rock. (Wolrd first affiliate marketing concept developed by Amazon.com and also it is the most popular affiliate programme in the world)

Internet Marketing Business in Guwahati


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5. Fitness instructor:- High blood pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid problems are very common in the present time. Less physical work, high calories food, mental pressures are the main causes of these problems. 

Today people become conscious of these problems and their health. So they are starting to go to the Gym and Yoga institutions day by day. 

Just go & ask a Gym or Yoga instructor about the member’s number difference or growth between today and before 5 to 7 years ago. 

I am sure, you will get to listen about a huge number of growth in these few years. Start this business in Guwahati or anywhere, you will be able to make a lot of money in the upcoming years.

Now, idea number 6………..


6. Tiffin Service: Look my friend in every business a real businessman has to understand customers need first. Suppose someone starts a Tiffin service business in Guwahati

Now I want to ask a question about what is the first thing he/she should approach. Yes, who is the customer? Generally Tiffin service business is related with working people and school kids. 

School kids are the best traffic for this business. Now again I ask you what they like most? The common answer is Burger, Pasta, chicken lollipop, noodles etc. 

Just go and put a stall in front of school’s at Tiffin time and advertise products like Burger, pasta and all the best items they generally love to eat. I am sure that this plan will give aj curve in your business.


Now the last awesome idea…………

Standup comedy in Guwahati


7. Standup comedy:- Stress, stress, and stress. Mental stress is one of the biggest issues of city people. 

If anyone is good at comedy or control people’s emotion then this business will be profitable for him and her. 

To start a comedy show does not contain a high cost. It can be started from home even. Here the problem is the mental stress of people and they don’t want to stay with it. 

So if anyone helps them in solving their problems then they will definitely pay to him/her for their problem-solving activity.



So, now I ask you………..are you from Guwahati or any other part of Assam? 

If not then……….

Don’t need to worry because these all profitable businesses ideas could be started from anywhere and by anyone.

I hope you loved to it and thanks for being with me. If you liked our post “small business ideas in Guwahati” then don’t forget to comment and share. 

And I deeply request you to let me know when you are going to start your own startup.


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