Sattriya Dance of Assam


Sattriya dance of Assam is famous for its artists in entire India and the world. 

It generally belongs to Assam state but today it performs all over India and even in foreign countries too. 

Sattriya dance is one of the best forms among the eight major classical dance forms of India, which is really Great!

Do you know about the Sattriya dance origin?  If you don’t then let me tell you…..

Actually, it was first created and developed by the great Vaishnavite Saint Mahapusura Srimanta Sankardeva in the 15th century.  

Sankardeva was the leader of the Bhakti movement. Therefore he invented too many methods to promote Neo-Vaishnavism among the people of society. Even Sattriya dance is a significant part of it.

Sattriya dance is completely Lord Bishnu or Krishna centric. Here lord Bishnu is the main God for the worship through the performance. Actually, Sankardeva’s Neo-Vaishnavism was a part of Hinduism. 

Sattriya Dance of Assam


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By seeing too many blind believe in Hindu culture he tried to reform it through creating a new religious belief, which he named ‘Nav-Vaishnav Dharma’

And to promote it among the people he also invented too many methods. Among those methods, two are very popular. Here one is Bhaona and another is Sattriya dance or Nritya.

Do you know, till 20th-century Sattriya Nritya was not recognized as a classical dance form of India? 

In the very beginning of 21st century and year, 2000’s 15th November ‘Sangeet Natak Academy’ of India declared it formally as a great classical dance form among the other seven forms of the country. 

Now a day’s including Sattriya dance there are eight classical dance forms in India.

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History of Assam’s Sattriya Dance 

This dance style, which was practiced by Sankardeva in the 15th century, was once found only in the Vaishnav sattras and Namghar’s (Monasteries) till the 19th century. 

But slowly, by the ending of the 19th century, these dances started to come from the monasteries to the modern stages. If we talk about the times of today, then today it is highly performed in modern stages rather than traditional religious monasteries.


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