The Relation between Hindi and Assamese language- Introduction


The relation between Hindi and Assamese language is very old.

If you are belonging to any of these states of Assam, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Delhi or any other north, west and east part of India then this question is for you. 

My question is “ Why it is much easier to talk in Hindi rather than to talk in the English or Tamil language?” 

Do you know why it happens? 

Ok, I have another question for you. Which language will you prefer to speak in? If you are told to choose between Assamese and Telugu? 

Maybe 99.9% of people will choose the Assamese language in this case (based on the above condition). 

Do you want to know why? 

Hey, everyone, I am Akash. And today here I am going to share with you some very interesting facts about why north, west and East Indian people can easily understand Assamese, Bengali and Hindi languages. 

So, do you want to know about this?

If you do………then don’t go anywhere and stick with this interesting post.

Relation between Hindi and Assamese language


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The Real Fact of the Relation Between Hindi and Assamese Language?

Looking at the history of world languages, we find each and every language has their own particular source of origin. 

As like this……………

The Highest numbers of Indian languages are born from two main different tree families. They are namely Dravidian and Indo-Aryan. 

Therefore it becomes much easier to understand a language to the people who belong to the same tree family. 

Genuinely languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam comes from the Dravidian source. These languages are highly spoken in the southern part of India (states are like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala etc)

Without learning artificially, an Assamese or Bengali person can’t speak or understand Malayalam or Telugu. 

But I am sure that the same person can understand more than 50% of the language if it converts to Hindi or Gujarati. 


The reason is very simple. Because these languages have the same source of origin, which is Indo-Aryan. 

For the people of the states like Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Delhi can easily observe the Hindi language. But as these people can’t understand south Indian tong; south Indian people also can’t understand Hindi or other Indo-Aryan languages too.

Why Dravidian and Indo-Aryan languages are different from each other?

Who was the first ancestor of India? were they Dravidian’s or Indo-Aryan’s? 

Many historians consider Dravidian’s were the first ancestor of India. At very first they lived in the northern part of Indian sub-continent and later dominated by the attack of Indo-Aryans. And immigrated to the southern part of the country. 

Indo-Aryans belonged to a different land and race. Therefore when they entered in India as an invader, it was common that they were different from Dravidian’s by physically and linguistically. 

[Though it is controversial, many historians want to say that Indo-Aryan people belonged to middle-east Asia] 

Today Indo-Aryan language family highly dominating the majority of Indian languages.  

This is quite difficult to come in a final decision with a very short analysis. Because it is very debatable but one thing we can easily say that these both language families have their different sources of origin.


I hope now you understand the main cause of the fact. Today these two language families are highly spared in Asia. 

Especially in the south-east Asian part. In the present time, Dravidian tree family completely dominating countries like Sri Lanka and the southern part of India. And as like Indo-Aryan language family is dominating countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh etc.

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