Prospects of Industrial Development in Assam


It looks like you are interested to observe all the information about Assam’s economic condition.

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Yesterday I was reading something on the future of Assam’s economic condition when I found these 3 great potentialities for its future. At that time I thought to share this amazing information with you.

Therefore here in this post, I am going to share with you 3 main prospects of industrial development in Assam.

I hope you will like this…………….Now let’s do this with the very first one. 

Prospects of Industrial Development in Assam


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3 Prospects of Industrial Development in Assam [MAIN]

1. Hub of Natural Resources: – Do you know why Britishers started to colonized Assam?

Yes, because this state was and still is the hub of natural resources. There is about everything, really everything is possible to find in Assam.

From tea to crude oil and from water to fertile soil, everything is available in this north-eastern state. To invest in different sectors based on tea, oil, coal, water, and agriculture are easily possible here.

Because these raw materials are quite enough to start a small or giant industry. Suppose you want to start an electricity company, now I want to ask you what will be the first natural resource that you will require?

Yes, of course, it’s water. I don’t know how you familiar with Assam but I want to tell you that here there are a lot of sources of water, from electricity production is quite easy. [Example: – Swonsiri, Brahmaputra and many more]

So I think the availability of natural resources will definitely help the state to make improvement in different industries.

Potentiality number 2…………..


2. Huge Market: – What is this huge market? Assam has its present population of around 40 million. In a business perspective, there is a good and greedy market available at a place where the population is in huge number.

People can’t leave without food, shelter, and cloth (and of course entertainment is also necessary) and Assam has a lot of natural resources that investors can use to produce these goods and can sell it in the giant market.

This market is still growing or expanding. I think investors will be interested to come here and make some investment in the upcoming years.

So, growing market potentiality will also be a leading key factor in the future for Industrial development in Assam.

Now the 3rd Revolutionary point……………


3. Age of Industrial Revolution: – The world has completely been changed by 3 main revolutions. The first one is the French revolution, the 2nd one is the Russian Bolshevik revolution and the third one is the Industrial Revolution.

This is the 21st century, the age of the empire of the Industrial Revolution. I think this is insanely needless to explain to you because everyone knows the Industrial revolution first started in Britain in the 17th century.

By-the-way do you know that 96% of whole worlds economy is liberalized at the end of 20th century; India too (1991).

After 1991, the Indian economy has been started to grow very rapidly. And of course, my friend multinational companies started to invest much money in its economy too. That is why Assam also influenced by this wave of globalization too much.

Now, let’s come into the point of Assam; after influenced by the wave of liberalization, investors from the nation and inter-nation started to come here for investing in different sectors by seeing a lot’s of natural resources and potentialities.

Now-days-days investment in Assam growing day by day. This is also helping the state to grow its economy in different sectors.

I think in the future the investment will be grown to double or triple. Because the state has a lot’s of resources in its land.



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