Problems of Tourism in Assam- introduction


In the previous article, we discussed the potentialities of Assam tourism development. In this article, I will be showing you the main problems of tourism in Assam.

Why, In spite of a lot of potentialities, the tourism sector has not been developing yet as it should be. So hello friends I am Akash and today I am going to share with you five main reasons (as a short essay) for this sector’s less improvement.

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5 Main Problems of Tourism in Assam

1. Problems in Life Security: – Are you aware to keep your life secure?  

Actually, who is not? 

Everyone wants and think to keep own self always secure, this is natural. You may think what kind of irrelevant question I am asking you but trust me this question is not irrelevant to the topic. 

I am sorry to say but in Assam tourist gets less security rather than other Indian states. There may be a question raised in your mind, 


The reason is Unconsciousness on the value of tourism among its common residence. 

Most people of the state don’t know about the importance of tourist visits, how the increasing number of tourist can impact on the state’s socio-economic growth. 

For an example recently in a few years back, a piece of news came to know that a pair of Austrian couple was very badly misbehaved by some of Assam’s narrow-minded youth’s. 

Actually, these types of bad actions of local people create some bad impressions among foreigners about the place. So first of all local people should be educated on tourism importance.

Then should try to scope the tourism in Assam.

lack of education is really a major social problem in the state.

Now point number 2………….

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2. High Corruption: – The second social issue is corruption. Once a great philosopher Francis Bacon said: “the state always faces bad luck, where foolish people are thought as wise”.  

Assam has the same problem. Here a large amount of people has no idea how to select their political leaders to lead themselves. And in the result, they get some uneducated, corrupt persons as their rulers. These corrupt leaders do not try to focus on their development. 

Assam tourism has also been facing the problem for a very long time. It means less focus and less development. 

The government will definitely have to take action on it; If the common people of the state needed to select their real wise leaders. So, quality education is very important to make this thing possible.

However, there is some very good news comes in a few years. That good news is Assam’s Anti-corruption bureau has started to take some very tough actions against corrupt activities.

It will definitely help in the growth of tourism in Assam in the future.

Ok now let’s move to the point number 3rd………….


3. Low-quality transportation: – The third reason is the low-quality transportation service. 

Good transport and communication service is always necessary for the tourism sector’s development. But this states transport and communication service is still in the worst condition. 

It is already proven that tourist likes to visit those places, where places have good quality transport and communication services.

Transportation issue is not alone an issue of Assam but its also a big issue of tourism in north-east India.

Problems of Tourism in Assam

4. Seasonal Problem: – The fourth problem is seasonal comfortability.  

What is the seasonal comfortability? 

seasonal comfortability is a condition, which allows to tourist to visit a place in a particular season. 

Actually, during each and every summer season Assam faces the crisis of flood. Therefore this season is not comfortable for tourist to visit the state. 

Seasonal flood is a major cause, which also prevents the growth of Assam tourism. 

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5. High Competition and Less Promotion: – The Last and fifth problem is high competition but less promotion. 

Today each and every state and nation are focusing on service sector improvement. Therefore a high competition now running between nations to promote their places as a global product of tourism.

But Assam still has to do more things to make more improvement in this field. 

Even state government has shown less interest to improve it as they should be. I think if they will not take rather an action on it then within a few years the competition will go to the next level.

So here common people and Assam tourism department have to focus more and more on the problems and prospects of it



I hope this article will help you in your further research. 

Now I request you. If you have any query, suggestion, question and argue on this post then please inform me by commenting in the comment box below.

Lastly, Thank you for reading this post.


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