Major Problems of Assam Agriculture 


In this post, we will learn about some major problems of Assam agriculture. Why instead of a lot of potentialities this north-eastern state has not been growing yet?

But before we start I would like to introduce you to the contemporary scenario of its Agricultural field…………

Assam is a state of Farming. Here, seven out of ten people live their life through this occupation. 

When a society becomes dependent on a system then it becomes very significant to keep that system always running smoothly.

In this state, 70% of the people still consider agriculture as their basic occupation. But for many reasons, the way in which the occupation should be developed has not become possible until today.

Do you want to know why?

So, here are the 5 main reasons that I explained below………

Problems of Assam Agriculture

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Problems of Assam Agriculture – 5 Major

1. Blind Beliefs: – A society always circulates by the thinking of the people, who live in it. Assamese people have a lot of blindness in their mind on agriculture.

Because of this reason, these people have been considering many hurdles for a long time. 

Thinking about supernatural powers most people of the state does not want to go for agro-field (During such time like Ambubasi). They thought their god will angry if they try to do some activity during that time.

This is not good for a society that relies on agriculture. Because it costs time and time costs money. I am not against these all festivals but agriculture is on the different side. 

Time is changing rapidly and the world too. Therefore, now they also need to be changed. Blind believes can never make anything good in society.


2. Out-dated Techniques: – The farming system of Asomia society is really too vast. And here farmers are also very hard working.

But the problem is they are still systematically very weak. Here modern tools and equipment are used but very less in number. 

Even in many places of the state still, are using animal and human laboring. which gives the result as less production of paddies.

Because of poverty among farmers, they are unable to buy heavy modern machines for use in their paddy fields. Modernization is a big issue for agriculture in Assam. 

Here the rule of government is now very necessary.

The government of Assam has been taking fewer rules since from a very long time to provide necessary help to the farmers of the state. Such as irrigational help, agro-based loan, modern agro machines etc.


3. Seasonal Agriculture: – Assam’s agriculture depends on the weather. No full-time farming is done here.

If we talk about other agricultural states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and Haryana. They gain here different types of paddies during the whole year.

Now, I ask you, are the climate’s of these places is better than Assam?

No, it is not but worst than this north-eastern state. The real reason is monophasic of their government and ordinary people.

Due to not being rains all year, these states use artificial water supply in their paddy fields.

Their agriculture is going to be completely modern today, where their government and ordinary people have fully contributed to each other. 

I think Assam needs to get an education from these things and apply in ownself.


4. Corruption: – Corruption is one of the primary characters of Assam’s administrative system. 

A society can never go ahead, where the amount of mischief is very high. The state’s agricultural sector has been testing the worst impact of corruption from a very long time. 

Due to this, whatever benefits come from the government house for the poor farmers, they cannot get it.

It is only written in the papers that the state is going forward in agriculture but in actually these all do not have anything more than a play.

To bringing out agricultural benefits in Assam, corruption is the main thing to be removed. Here, corruption also preventing rural development via this sector.


5. Lack of New Innovation: – Assam’s agricultural system is very old. Therefore no new inventions have been made to this day.

We can look at the human history that a method remains tucked into society until it is able to fulfill the implementation of that society. 

As time passes, its work is also finished. Regardless of the area, new inventions are necessary everywhere. 

There has been no new invention till the date in the agricultural field of Assam. And at the same time, the state is not able to grow even further with time.

So now the state has to work more on new inventions.



I hope you liked our post on ‘the problems of Assam agriculture’.

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