Why Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is Famous?


It seems you want to know, why Pobitora wildlife sanctuary is famous among tour gigs.


Because exactly the same thing here I am going to share with you.

In this post, I will explain you top 3 Awesome things that been making Pobitora wildlife sanctuary quite famous among Assam tourism lovers.

So my first point is………………

pobitora wildlife sanctuary is famous for


1. One Horn Rhinoceros: – Hey do you know that Assam is only the land in the planet of the existence of one horn rhinoceros?


Pobitora is situated in Assam state, if you visit this wildlife sanctuary, then you will find a descending number of one horn rhinoceros in that place.

This animal is really very beautiful and unique. According to a survey of 2014, every year 80% of tourist visits in Assam only have one main greed and that is to see the beauty of this beautiful animal.

Now, point number 2………..


2. The Magic of Mayong: – Mayong is another the cause why one should prefer to visit Pobitora.


Because it is the hub of black magical elements of Assam,

Mayong is a small village of Morigaon district where once Human sacrifice tradition was cried out in the worships of supernatural powers. (Pobitora falls in Morigaon district)

……..And a part of Mayong comes into Pobitora……

, if you want to go there then don’t worry, because nowadays human sacrifice tradition is not used in worships.

Generally, tourist prefers to visit Mayong for its magical history. However, due to modernity, these traditional belief has changed quite a lot but if you want it then it’s still common to see some magical activities at that place.

Now point number 3………………………

Black Magic of Mayong


3. Over 2000 species of Birds: – Do you love to see birds of different species?

If you really do, then……….

Pobitora will be great for you because it is the home of over 375 different species of bird.

And in different seasons of winter and springtime over 1625 species of revolting birds come here in every year.

It’s the best place for bird lovers and of course for photo shooting too.

So, these are the three main causes why an Assam tourism lover prefers to visit Pobitora wildlife sanctuary.

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