Beautiful picnic places in Assam


There are a lot of Picnic places in Assam. Assam is a state which is prosperous in the direction of history and natural beauty. 

In today’s world, people want to live a beautiful life, where they want to walk, in beautiful places in the world.

If you are a priest of beauty and want to walk the whole world, then you will find this article very interesting.

In this article, I will tell you about the Top 6 beautiful picnic places in Assam where you should visit once in your life.

Picnic places in Assam

Top 6 picnic places of Assam

1. Agnigrah: – It is a historic tourist destination, located in Tezpur district of Assam. 

This historical place has been providing special quantities to the city of Tezpur, which is already rich in natural beauty.  

According to Hindu religious texts, Agnigrah was constructed by the King Banasur of Pragjoytishpur (ancient name of Assam). 

Banasur had constructed it to isolated his daughter Usha and keep away Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha to marry her. 

Actually, Agnigrah is a mountain which is very beautiful to see and feel. Brahmaputra River flows near itself. 

When you see that from above of the mountain, your mind will be filled with joy.


2. Borhill: – Borhill is a small place, which falls in the margins of Assam and Nagaland. In the case of natural beauty, this place has no competition. 

Every year thousands of tourists visit there on holidays. The Borhill is under Nazira sub-division of Sivasagar district. 

Especially in the month of December, January, there is a crowd of people gathered here. 

If you are also looking for a place to picnic somewhere in Assam then Borhill can prove to be right for you.


3. Sivasagar: – The history, because of which the entire world knows Assam today, was built in Sivasagar. 

The foundation of Ahom kingdom established at very first from this place only. 

Today you will find many such historical places on Sivasagar where you can enjoy your holidays comfortably. 

If you live in India then you should bring your children to here once. 

There are a lot of historical places to look at, such as the Rang house, Talatal house, Kareng house, Shiva Temple, Sivasagar pond and Charaideo etc.

Beautiful picnic places in Assam

4. Kaziranga: – Kaziranga is a national park where you can go by planning your picnic. 

Kaziranga is very important even from the point of view of education. 

If you go to Kaziranga, then, on one hand, you will have a profit in the direction of education and on the other hand, you enjoy the enjoyment of picnic.

Kaziranga is only the place where you see the world strange animal one horn rhino. 

Every year millions of tourists from the country and out of the country come to the national park to see that strange.


5. Guwahati: – Guwahati is considered as the gateway of the whole northeast India. The state capital ‘Dispur’ is also located at this place. 

There are many modern and mythological things to see here. If you go to Guwahati then you must definitely see all these places, such as the Kamakhya Temple, Nelachal Hills, Science Museum, Kalashatra, and Zoo etc. 

By the way, you already know what the modern things to see are, but by visiting these places you will not only enjoy your picnic time but will be able to grow your knowledge too.


6. Tai phakey or Namphake village: – Tai Phakey or Namphake is a very beautiful place where you, your friends and family can plan your holiday picnic

People did not know about Namphake before. Recently in a few years, this place is coming into notice among travel lover people. 

It is a spiritual village, where the majority of people are Buddhist. 

These Buddhist people belong to Tai ethnicity and therefore there language is quite similar to Thailandian language. 

If you want to go then I definitely can recommend you that it is one of the best Picnic spots in Assam

Namphake is situated in Naharkatiya (six miles away) and 37k.m away from Dibrugarh district.




Today the entire world has globalized and no, therefore,e tourism has become a part of human life. 

Assam tourism has a lot of potentialities but here government and residents have to take it very seriously. In future tourism industry will grow to the next level.

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