Parag Festival of Assam


Mishing community’s Parag festival is a significant festival after their Ali Aye Ligang. Generally, Parag festival celebrated once every year and for five days continuously.


It is an agriculture-based fair, which is also named by ‘Nora Siga’ Bihu in Assamese language or ‘Narashimha Bihu’ in Mishing language. 


In Assam, Majuli is the birthplace for Mishing peoples. Therefore, Parag or Nora Siga is highly celebrated in Majuli’s Mishing inhabitant areas.


Actually, this festival is led by Mishing’s youth’s (both boy’s and girls) that is why songs and music are highly preferred on this occasion. 


During Parag days Mishing youth creates ‘Murong House’Murong house is a traditional house of the Mongolian ethnic Mishing community people. 


In this house, one can see the complete cultural aspects of this Mongolian tribe.


Parag Festival of Assam’s Mishing Community


Activities of Mishing’s Parag festival

On the very first day of the festival, the village Youth welcomes ‘Mibu’ (Mibu is their invited guest) with their traditional dance and songs. 

On the 2nd day, invited guests from other village’s (defined by name Minom) served very beautifully by them. 

The whole festival is organized in the Murong house. 

In these days Mishing organizes different types of traditional foods recipes. These foods are the signs of the enjoyment of the festival. Such as Pork meat, Rice beer, dry fish and rice etc.

As like this Mishing community celebrates Parag festival each and every year.

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