Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary


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What is Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary?

Pani Dihing is a bird Sanctuary, especially famous for its different species of migratory and residential birds.

Do you know where it is situated?


This beautiful bird Sanctuary is situated in the northern direction of Assam’s Sivasagar district, which is established with an area of 33.93 Km2.

For protecting some rarest species of residential birds Assam government declared it as a protected area in 1996. But till yet it did not come into the position of Wildlife Sanctuary.

It was in 1999’s August month. This was the year and the month when Assam government declared Pani Dihing reserved area as a wildlife bird sanctuary of Assam state.

This wildlife protection place is spared and bordered to the Brahmaputra and Dihing River.

Generally, this place is considered the best place for bird lovers, for doing activities like Shooting amazing photos and watching colorful birds.

Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary


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Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary is Famous For

There are two main causes, why Pani Dihing is famous for. As I mentioned you above; the very first cause is its rich wetland ecosystem and the 2nd one is its different species of birds.

If you will visit there then you can see a vast area of wetlands, where birds and other living species make their homes and live in.

On the other hand chirping sounds of 268 species of different birds makes the environment very romantic.

Did you know, each year over 70 species of different migratory birds comes here in winter season?

This is really Awesome!

These birds come here from different parts of the world like Siberia, Southern Africa, and Eastern Europe etc.

Bar-Headed Goose of Panidihing Wildlife Sanctuary


List of Migratory and Residential Birds of Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary

10 Residential Birds: – Bar-Headed Goose, Indian Spot Billed Duck, Widgeons, Shoveler, White Necked Stork, Common Pochard, Gadwall, Kingfisher, Long-Billed Vulture, and Hornbill.

10 Migratory Birds: – Siberian Cranes, Greater Flamingo, Amur Falcon, Demoiselle Crane, Bluethroat, Black Winged Stilt, Fishing Eagle, White Wagtail, and Osprey etc.

Best Time to Visit

  • 1 November to 31 April.

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