Origin of Assam- An Introduction of The History of Great Ahom Kingdom


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Assam is a small state, situated in north-east India. Maybe 60% of the whole state population don’t know that the word Assam‘ comes from the word Ahom’

Do you know who were Ahom’s?

If you don’t then let me tell you……….(because the whole concept of the origin of Assam is completely based on Ahom’s).

Ahom’s were the founders of Assam.

In Assamese language Ahom’ consist in-equal. 

But I don’t mean that they were the ancient residence of this land. Genuinely they were not. In 1228 they came from southeast China to the Brahmaputra valley

In 1228 they reached the valley through Patkai hills. These migrated people belonged to Tai ethnicity and led by a great leader.

The leader was also the Tai prince of Mong-Mao, named Chawlung Sukaphaa. 

Hence Sukaphaa is still famous as the founder of Ahom kingdom.

In further discussion, we will learn more about Chawlung Sukaphaa.

old history of assam

The old history of Assam

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How the word ‘Ahom’ helped in the origin of Assam?

By the way, I have to tell you, why this small piece of land named by Assam. There is a very interesting story behind it.

You want to know it, ok then….. 

Actually, when Ahom entered the Brahmaputra valley they were more powerful than its old residence.

By seeing and feeling their power and ability, It’s ancient residence named them as Ahom (As showing respect). This means more powerful or in-equal to them.

The leader Chaw lung Sukaphaa established Ahom kingdom in 1228 in the Brahmaputra valley.  Later Sukaphaa transferred it to Charaideo in 1253

It will be unfair to not to say something about Suhungmung

This is true that Sukaphaa was the fountainhead of the kingdom. But when it asked about the real expander of the powerful kingdom; 

Then one answer that generally comes out and that is Suhungmung. 

He expanded the kingdom in a vast land of the whole north-east India from Barack to Brahmaputra valley


The Old History of Assam State

Originally before Ahom came to the Brahmaputra valley this land known as Pragjoytishpur

Today’s Pragjoytishpur is Guwahati.

under the age of 350 to 650-century Vermana Dynasty ruled Pragjoytishpur. 

Pushyavermana was the father of Vermana dynasty and also he was the person who founded the kingdom of kamrupa

The two great Indian epic’sMahabharata and Ramayana also tells the same history of Pragjoytishpur and Kamrupa kingdom.

If you will ever read Mahabharata then you will find there some information about ancient Kamrupa kingdom.

The Assam we know today was founded by Ahom kings. 

Actually, the whole history of Assam has been influencing by many ethnic groups of people from many different directions of Asia’s north, east, west, and north corners.

The influencers were like Tibeto-Barman, Indo-Aryan, Austro-Asiatic culture, British, Burmese and Mughal etc. 

In the different period of time, these different types of people came to Assam for many different purposes. Such as invasion, migration, and expedition of religious belief

Much ethnographic research already proving that the contemporary Assamese people have no blood of a particular ethnic people’s group, Its main cause is matting activities between two or more ethnic group’s of people.

origin of assam

origin of Assam

The Political History of 600 Years

Ahom kings retained or maintained their kingdom perfectly almost for about 600 long years (1226-1826).

After the rule of 600 years, Ahom kingdom suddenly faced some crisis with the beginning of Moamoria’s rebellion. 

Nowadays we can call it the civil war in the Ahom kingdom. The rebellion completely broke down the bone marrow of powerful kings and the kingdom. 

After a long time struggle, the rebellion came into the control of Chargadeo’s (king).

Ahom Chargadeo’s thought that the rebellion would be the end of the crisis but it did not happen as they thought ;

subsequently, the attack Burmese almost killed the powerful Ahom’s ego and prestige. 

After the war between English and Burmese, a treaty happened in Yandabu of Burma, This was a matter of fact of 1826. According to Assam history, Yandabu pact was the main historical contract signed between English and Burmese through which the sun of Ahom Kingdom completely shut-ed down. 

According to the pact the control of Ahom kingdom passed into British East-India company’s hand. And after that Ahom’s were completely failed to retain their throne and the kingdom again.



The Yandabu treaty was like the sunset of Assam and its people’s freedom.

Leela Gogoi an Assamese intellect also wrote a book on it. This history book name is ‘Sunset’. Here Leela Gogoi describes how Assam lost her freedom and prestige. 

British ruled till 1947. With the freedom of India, Assam also became able to achieve independence and became a part of it. Since then Assam has been passing her time as a part of the Indian union.


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