NRC Assam- An Introduction


NRC Assam updated after a long time in 2014 by the Supreme court of India.

The updating of the Supreme Court became a legal declaration to protect Assamese people rights, culture and language. 

From a very long time since almost five decades, Bangladeshi immigrants have been immigrating illegally to the land of Assam

Even Indian central and state governments have been taking less role to prevent this illegal immigration. 

In 2014 Indian Supreme Court declared about this update. Therefore it consisted of a big relief factor for the residential people of Assam.

In this post, we will cover the whole concept of NRC in Assam.

So, are you interested to know about it?

If you really are to know more about this Indian political concept then you have to know its history first. 

So, now let’s take a look back in the year 1951……….


History of NRC Assam and India (1951-1971)

The very first NRC introduced in 1951. In 1947, After the two partitions of India, a census held in 1951. This census has only one main purpose and that is to recognize the real citizen of India. 

So, this was the first cause, why the concept of NRC came out.

The update of 2014-2016 based on 1951’s NRC and 1971’s election process. 

It means Assam will only include those people in the land, whose names or their decedent’s name appeared in the list of 1951’s NRC or till the midnight of 24th March 1971’s election process. 

By submitting proof based on these two conditions;  a real Indian citizen can easily prove their presence in Assam before 1971’s 24th March midnight. 

After four long years waiting in 2018, the final draft released on 30th July. There above 40 lakhs of people left out from the final draft.

It proves that there are a large number of illegal immigrants still living in this north-eastern state.

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Through NRC Assam, How to Prove You Are An Actual Citizen of India?

Actually, 1951’s NRC prepared under the direction of Ministry of Home Affairs, India. 

In respect of protecting citizens right, NRC committee collected the residence’s name, father/mother’s name, gender, age, occupation, nationality, educational qualification, and marital status etc.

Therefore real Indian citizen doesn’t need to worry about losing citizenship. Because all data’s are still stored in the house of government.

Even, one can easily find all the information on the Internet too.

nrc assam

Will NRC be Successful In Assam?

What is the most important question for contemporary Assamese society? 

Yes, it is “will NRC be successful?” 

This question is very complicated and debates able. Either it is difficult to explain in one word. 


Before you or I answer particularly, it is very important to analyze some points of its success potentialities and failure potentialities.

So, Now let’s discuss first, why it will be successful:- 


1.Unity Among Assamese People: – Assamese people have an emotion effect of unity. It seems day by day this emotional effect growing on and on among these people. 

This is true that once these people were not so educated or well organized. But day by day facing obstacles to the growth of the community; they emotionally become very well organized.

2. Regional Students Unions: – There are too many students or other unions in Assam. such as AASU, AATSSU, and TAIPA etc. 

These regional pressure organizations always aware to protect Assamese people rights and dignity. They know that NRC is a big chance for them to protect the Assamism. Therefore they have been supporting it since its last updated in 2014.

The power of regional organizations could also be a major key factor of its success.


3. Large quantity and high quality: – Another key factor is the large quantity and high quality. 

Just you look at the population structure of Assam. I can make sure you, there about 50 percent of people of the land are Assamese. 

It means high quantity support and on the other hand, leaders are very well experienced. such as Akhil Gogoi, Samujjal Kumar Bhattacharya

High quantity and high-quality support will definitely be helpful for its Success.


4.Indian Constitution: – Forth is the main reason. Because the Indian constitution does not allow any illegal foreigner to live in India or any part of the country. 

At this point of view, Bangladeshi immigrants were only refuges for India during the Indo-Pak war of 1972. 

They are not the actual citizen of the country. So, constitutional rules will also be a key factor of NRC Assam ’s success. 


Though NRC is on its own way of progress. But still, some doubtful conditions available of its proper implementation. So, here we should analyze some obstacles to NRC ‘s effective implement: – 


1. Bangladeshi Government Avoidance: – the Second challenge is Bangladeshi government may not accept these people as their own. 

One of the biggest issues comes when Bangladeshi information minister respond on India media that NRC’s matter is completely India’s internal matter and they have nothing to do on it. 

He also told, In any way Bangladesh will not accept forty lakhs of people in their own land. Because these people do not belong to the country (Bangladesh).


2. Civil War: – Though there is still no communal issue found in Assam. But recently West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee accused on it. She said that NRC matter will lead the whole country to a civil war condition (between Hindu VS Muslim),….. 

…..because most of 40 lakhs people are Muslim. However, intellectual people of Assam are saying, it is a political game of Mamata Banerjee.

3. Mistakes in the final draft: – Forth challenge is the mistakes in the final draft. 

During data entry, there are a lot of mistakes done in filling of people’s name, sex, religion, family tree connection etc. So these all will also have to be solved again.

Otherwise, it will create some major difficulties in going to the next step.

4. Politicalised by Political Parties: – Political parties always aware to implement things for their own benefit. 

when 2018’s 30th July first draft published there above forty lakhs people name left out from it. Now, this issue has become politicized. 

Most Political parties don’t want it to become full-fill on its goal. Therefore they are trying too many many techniques to prevent it.



Here I shared you eight main potential points of its success and failure. What do you think about this burning issue?

Let me know by commenting below.


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