New Assamese film – An Introduction


New Assamese film ‘s are different from olds. First of all, In this modern age, Artists are changing their traditional content and also their belief system too. 

There was an age once when Assamese films were going on and on through a traditional way but today the trend has changed. 

Finally, Modernization and westernization completely revolutionized the movie industry. Do you want to know how? 

If you want to, then……….

Today, in this post, I will share with you some amazing information about 4 new Assamese films, which are mostly responsible for the transformation of the film Industry.

So, let’s take a look at it, without wasting time………… 

New Assamese film


4 New Assamese Film And The Modernization

1. Nayak: – Nayak was totally a revolutionary motion picture of 2001. A romantic drama directed by a genius personality Late. Munin BaruahAnother reason for Nayak’s popularity was its superhit song’s. Its songs are still popular among Assam’s people. 

Song’s like “Nayak hobo khuzi kholonayak holi” got amazing response’s from the audience. its total box office collection was 57 lakhs rupees. This was really a huge amount from that time’s point of view.


Other information about Nayak

  • Release date: 30 November 2001.
  • Produced by: Pooja motion picture.
  • Music by: Zubeen Garg.
  • Cast: Jatin Bora, Zerifa Wahid, Ravi Sharma.

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2. Mission China: – A highly modern motion picture of the year 2017. This is known as the first Assamese film which is made with the highest cost of all time and among all.

An action drama directed by Zubeen Garg and produced by his wife Gorima Saikia. Mission China is produced under Zubeen’s own banner or production house “I creation production”

This movie got a super-huge response from the audience and became the most successful blockbuster in Jollywood. This film made a big amount of money, which was approximately 6 crore rupees, where the budget of it only 2.5 crores.


Other information about the action movie

  • Mission China Cast: Zubeen Garg, Deeplina Deka, Yankee Parashar, Siddharth Ripon Goswami.
  • Release date: 8 September 2017.
  • Total Box office collection: 6 crores.


3. Ramdhenu: – ‘Ramdhenu’ has really the beauty of Ramdhenu (Rainbow). If I asked which is the best new Assamese film in the 21st century. I will definitely answer, it is Ramdhenu. 

If you still haven’t watched it then I recommend you to watch this film for once. A beautiful content and realistic acting leading this movie to the top level. 

I already told you Munin Baruah was an absolute genius. He was the director of it. This movie collected approximately 2.4 crore rupees in the box office. Ramdhenu was the most successful Assamese film of the year 2011.


Other information about Ramdhenu

  • Cast: Utpal Das, Jatin Borah, Prastuti Parashar, Nishita Goswami, Tapan Das.
  • Release date: 4 February 2011.
  • Total Box office collection: 2.4 crores.


4. Village Rockstar:- Village rockstar is a quality motion picture about. There is a high-value theme based on a beautiful dream of a little village girl, who lived in chaygaon. That little girl wants’ to buy a guitar to start her own music band. 

Through this motion picture, the writer wants’ to show about the values of villages common people dreams. Village rockstar was premiered at the Toronto international film festival in 2017. It was an award-winning film of that year and also recently nominated for Oscar. 

This is really great.


Other information about Village Rockstar

  • Initial release date: 8 September 2017
  • Cast: Bhanita Das, Basanti Das
  • Director, Producer, writer: Rima Das
  • Awards: Best Child Actor of National Film Award- Bhanita Das 
  • National Film Award for Best Editing- Rima Das.



The new Assamese film industry has a lot of talent and potentialities. This is really a source of proud feeling that a regional film is nominated for the Oscar award. 

It does not matter will they be able to win it or not. But the one thing it makes clear that Village Rockstar is really encouraging all the artists related to the Industry.

Now it’s your turn to tell me, which Assamese film is on your favorite list. 

Let me know by commenting below.


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