12 Rarest Animals for Which Nameri National Park is Famous


Do you know that after Manas, Kaziranga and Dibru-Saikhowa national parks, Nameri is the fourth largest national park in Assam?

Yes, my friend!

The Nameri National Park has spread around 200 square kilometer areas of Assam’s Tezpur district. We can easily consider it a huge volume from the geographical point of view.

Friend, we are aware that you want to know about the animals of Nameri National Park, for which it is famous among tour gigs.

So, in this post, we prepare a list of 12 rarest animals generally founded in Nameri National Park.

nameri national park is famous for which animal


The Animals are: –

1. Elephant: – Nameri National park is especially famous for two most powerful animals, where one is Tiger and another is Elephant. This is why it considered the best place for wild elephants.

2. Dhole: – Simply Dhole is a type of wild dog.

3. Tiger: – Tigers are specially protected in Nameri National Park via the great Project of 1973’s Project Tiger”.

4. Capped Monkey: – It’s a very Langur of very primary monkey family.

5Clouded Leopard: – It is an animal rarely founded in the foothills of Himalaya. The Clouded leopard is in the red list of IUCN since 2008, because it is about to extinct.

6. Pygmy Hog: –  According to some surveys Pygmy Hog is the world rarest animals. At present time its world population is around 150. This animal is founded in the jungles of India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Nepal.

7. Leopard: – Leopards is a carnivore’s animal, which is from the part of Panther family.

8. Somber Deer: – Somber Deer is a grey color big deer, founded in India. It is a red-listed animal by IUCN since 2008.

9. Sloth Bear: – This animal is also in the red list of IUCN because of its lake quantity. Sloth Bear is a bear generally founded in Indian sub-continent.

10. Muntjac: – Muntjac is a type of deer from small deer genus family. This is also known as barking deer. Muntjac is one of the earliest animals living in the world since 10-35 million years ago.

11. India Giant Squirrel: – It is large brown cream color Squirrel from Ratufa Squirrel family; founded in India and other native countries of South Asia.

12. Gaur: – It is a large Indian Bison, Which has been under the red list of IUCN since 1986.


In Nameri National Park, you will find the rarest animal of the entire world. It is not possible to see in any other corner on this planet. I Hope you will visit Nameri National Park soon and will enjoy the watching of these rare animals.

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