Me-Dam-Me-phi festival of Assam


Me-Dam-Me-Phi festival is a festival of the Tai ethnic people’s of Assam. Generally, celebrated each year on 31st January in all over the state. 

This is a religious festival among Tai Ahom people as they celebrate this as the worship of their passed ancestor.

Do you know, what actually this festival consists? ok, I will explain to you by breaking the sentence ‘Me-Dam-Me-Phi’ one by one. 

The word Me-Dam-Me-Phi consist, ‘Me’ means ‘prayer’, ‘Dam’ means the ‘deceased’ and ‘Phi’ means ‘Deity’

Jointly the word consists ‘Prayer to the deceased or deities ’.

Me-Dam-Me-phi festival of Assam


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According to an ongoing belief, this festival comes to the land with Ahom king Chawlung Sukaphaa. And at the very first inaugurated by an Assam history writer Mo-Mun-Mo Deodhai

Each year this festival celebrated for once in all over the state. Especially in Ahom inhabitant areas like Sivasagar, Jorhat, and Charaideo etc. 

In Charaideo Me-dam-Me-Phi celebrates very broadly; because for the very first time Ahom king, Chawlung Sukaphaa established his first kingdom capital in that place in 1253. 

Actually, Me-Dam-Me-phi is a collective festival but Ahom people also celebrate this at their homes individually too. So this is a good sign for keeping alive this beautiful tradition.


History of the Me-Dam-Me-Phi festival of Assam

The history of Me-Dam-Me-Phi is very ancient. For the very first time, it was organized at Burhadangoria Thaan at Tipaam

Ahom people belief ‘Landon deity’ (Landon is Indra deity, according to Hindu religious belief, he is the king of all deities) is their first ancestor.

Therefore each year they pray both Landon deity and other deceased ancestors in that collective worship.

Ahom king Chawlung Sukaphaa organized this festival for the first time when he passed the Erawati River and put his first footstep in the land of Brahmaputra valley. 

So we can call him as the first founder of Me-Dam-Me-Phi festival. 

Times were gone and gone and once Ahom left their old religious belief because of the transformation into Hinduism. Therefore they were starting to avoid following the rituals of this festival. 

During the age of Jaidhawaj Singha, Ahom almost left out to follow the festival because of high preference in Hinduism. 

After Jaidhawaj Singh’s death, his younger brother Chakradhawaj Singha (Chu-Pung-Mung) came into ruling and became the king of Ahom kingdom. 

He decided to organize the festival for once again to satisfy the Gods. And then Me-Dam-Me-Phi began to celebrate again in the kingdom. 

Since then this festival is still been celebrating each year among Ahom community people of the State Assam.

Celebration date: – Each year 31 January.




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