Majuli Festival of Assam


Majuli festival is one of the most important festivals in Assam, celebrated each year in the Majuli district. Did you know, once Majuli was the biggest river island in the world?

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The exact place of this festival celebration is the banks of the river Brahmaputra or Luit. This festival organizes for four days continuously. 

It starts on 21st November and end’s on 24th November. Majuli festival observed in 1.5 km away from Majuli district and that place is Gormur (A sub-division of that Zilla).

Majuli Festival of Assam

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Majuli festival purposes

Actually, Majuli is the hub of Assam’s cultural activities or we can define it as the home of Neo-Vaishnavite  Sanskriti (culture). Each year this festival organized to spare of the Neo-Vaishnavite culture in all over the region. 

In one word this fair is specially located with Neo-Vaishnavite religion.

It has other external purposes like sparing the feelings of brotherhood and unity among the multiple communities of the state.

As we know that there are many different types of communities lives in Majuli. such as Mishing, Ahom, Keot, Kalita, Yogis, Chutiyas, and Koch etc. 

In this festival, they bring and show their own cultural elements to the people, who visit there. 

Through this method, different cultural elements get chances to assimilate with each other. And at the result, it helps to keep going their unity uninterruptedly among themselves own.

Majuli festival of Assam


Activities of Majuli festival

During the Majuli festival, many activities are generally performed. Among those activities, Majuli’s rich cultural heritage is a very significant one. 

The Satriya culture, which has been reputed by Maha Purush Srimanta Shankardeva, is the main among those activities. 

Through traditional dance, songs, and collective co-operation, this festival inspires friendship and world peace to the human race.

On the other hand different castes – culture people exhibit their traditional food, artistic directions and their way of living systems during this festival.

Majuli Festival


This is the way, the festivals have been able to maintain unity among the people of different communities. We hope, Majuli festivals will remain alive in the future as it is today.




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