Magh Bihu – Short Introduction 

Magh Bihu
 is among the one of three Bihu’s celebrated in Assam. 

Generally, Magh Bihu Celebrated during the mid of January-February. In the Assam state, this month has been defining as ‘Magh’ month.  

This energetic fest has also another name by ‘Bhogali Bihu’  (It consists about the enjoyment of unlimited foods and Sports). 

At the same time it, in other parts of India different types of festivals also celebrated. But do you know these all have the same purposes? (Which is the enjoyment of food and sports)

Many cultural analyzers want to say “Magh Bihu” is an Assamese Version of  ‘Makar Sankranti’ festivals of all over India.

According to Assamese Calendar, this carnival falls in the very first day of Assamese ‘Magh Month’ (the first day is widely famous as “Dumahi”). 

But in the real case, it does not happens in that way. Actually, the celebration started before one day of the “Magh” comes. It means the last day of the “puh” month when this Bihu gets started.

Assamese people signifies the day as “Uruka” in their Assamese language. Many people of the state also admit that they enjoy Unruka more than the day of Bihu.

Magh Bihu, Buffalo fight


The Purposes of Magh Bihu

All those festivals, which are celebrated all over the world only has two major purposes. One is matting and another is agriculture

We already know, Assamese Bihu has three main types. One is Rongali, another is Kongali and the last is Bhogali or Magh Bihu. 

Here Rongali signifies both about mattings and agriculture. And the other two Bhogali and Kongali are highly related to agriculture (not too much with matting).

Before celebrating this festival, In the Assamese month’s of “Aghun” and “Puh” cultivator ends up or collected paddies completely from paddy fields. 

At this part of the time, they become rich, because of heavy storage of paddies in storehouses.

The production of rice or paddies creates a beautiful feeling in the minds among Assamese cultivators. Which they express via celebrating this Bihu at Magh month.

In one word, Magh Bihu is the sign getting the reward from the cultivation of doing hard work in all over the year.

Activities Done During Magh Bihu


Activities Done During Magh Bihu

Magh Bihu is a fun festival. This is why it defines as “Bhogali” too. Bhogali related to sports, foods, and travels.

Starting from the day of “Uruka” there a lot of activities are done, generally in the villages of the state. 

Example like village youth makes “Bhelaghors” with bamboo huts. And on the same day to the following night, villagers organize “unity food” with meat, fish, Lao Pani and Chunga Chawal etc.

At that night village youth’s goes for stealing at other people home, they steal ducks, chickens, and vegetables from the neighbors. [Of course, this is tradition been running from centuries] 

With the passing of times, people are becoming aware that these types of activities (stealing) are harmful to the people. 

Therefore today most of modern youth’s are leaving doing things like stealing at peoples home.

Uruka’s night village youth’s stayed at “Bhelaghors” and not going home. 

It is a traditional saying that they stay Bhelaghors for protecting “Megi” from stealing by others.

In the next day or the Bihu day morning older and younger all people gathering around Megi and all pray together to god for a better year and good uniformity among all the villagers. 

That day younger shows respect for the agers and agers shows their love and effection for younger’s.

Since the ages of Ahom kings, a lot of sports are been organizing during this time. 

Maybe you listen about main sports which are Buffalo fight and Chicken fight.

These two major sports are still popular among the people around the state. Even after 400-500 years.



It does not matter, does anything have motion or not but time is motion able. This is 21st century and also the age of Globalization. 

Today cultural assimilation is taking a very high speed all over the world. Large and powerful cultures are killing small and narrow cultural elements. 

Assamese culture has also been impacted by these global phenomenon’s. Therefore Bihu is starting to lose its old identities. This is really not a good thing for its future. 

So today I ask you will Rongali, Kati and Magh Bihu be extinct for forever?

Let me know by commenting below.


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