Karbi Traditional Dress


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That is why in this post I will give you some of the best information (Step-by-Step) about 9 POPULAR traditional dresses of Karbi people of Assam.

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Karbi Traditional Dress

Karbi Traditional Dresses for men Wearing

1. Choi Hongthor: – The very first one is Choi Hanhthor. It is a kind of warm jacket, worn by Karbi males. It is a short jacket, wear and opens via buttons.

2. Poho: – Poho is a colorful silk cloth that Karbi men use for taking on their shoulders. But nowadays it is seen that their young generation has started to reduce the use of this beautiful cloth. 

3. Jamborong: – Jamborong is an old traditional bag, generally worn on the left shoulder.

4. Rikong: – Rikong is a traditional dress that is used while doing work. They design this cloth into two different types, one is simple and another is colorful.

5. Sator: – Sator is a long white simple cloth, used to wear on the lower portion of the body. Men wear it around the waist to the legs (Sator is similar to Dhoti). It is really a very beautiful Karbi traditional dress.

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Karbi Dresses for Women Wearing

6. Pekok: – Pekok is a woman wear, used to cover the upper portion of the body. This is a medium length dress, which covers the chest portion to the lower belly portion.  

7. Pinicamflak: – Pinicamflak is a short dress, worn from the waist to the knee portion; it is a Karbi version of Assamese Mekhla but little shorter than Assamese Mekhla.

8. Dokherso: – When death ceremonies organize every year of their ancestors, Karbi women use Dokherso as a scarf. It is a ritual for showing respect to their elders and also to the dead ancestors.

9. Piba: – Piba is a long cloth, generally used by women to carry their babies on the back.


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