Jonbeel Mela of Assam


Jonbeel  Mela is a great festival of Assam, which is also the sign of brotherhood and unity of the state. It was very first inaugurated in the 15th century by the Ahom King Susenghphaa

It is still said that Ahom king inaugurated this festival to keep his kingdom more unified and getting other political benefits in his ruling.

  • Celebration date: – January-February (Weekend of Magh Bihu- 16th January to 18th January).
  • Frequency: – Once a year.
  • Inauguration date: – No exact date founded, but said inaugurated 15th century by Ahom king Susenghphaa.
  • Location of the festival: – Jonbeel, 3 km away from Morigaon.

It is one of the most incomparable and beautiful festivals celebrated in the state. Here one can see and feel the ancient world’s socio-economic phenomenon.

For an example, if you visit this festival then you can see the ancient ‘Barter system’. Today Barter System is not available in any other part of the world. But Jonbeel is the best example of it.

Oh, I forget to tell you about where it been organizing. 

Actually, from the very beginning, this festival been organizing only at one place of Assam. And that place is in Morigaon district, famous as Jonbeel

Jonbeel is situated in Morigaon. It is three kilometers away from Jagiroad and thirty kilometers away from Guwahati.

Jonbeel Mela is a three-day long community festival, especially related to  Tiwa community

But if you approach it deeply then you will not find it not only for Tiwa’s but also other communities like Khasi, Jayantiya, Karbi celebrates this Mela and enjoys it too much as Tiwa’s do.

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Which Are The Purposes of Assam’s Jonbeel Mela?

So first and the foremost purpose is brotherhood and unity among the people of the state. 

Here, every year people come from the hilly area to the plain area of Jonbeel and meets with each other. Actually, the meeting purpose is socio-economic. 

People meet here to exchange their goods with each other. Goods like Herbs, Vegetables, Fish, Chicken, Rice and other stuff taken here for exchange. 

People from hilly areas come down to the plain area to exchange their goods with plain areas produced goods. 

Because they cannot produce those things by themselves own, which are easily produced in plain areas. 

These characteristics of Jonbeel Mela are the main characteristics for growing brotherhood among hilly and plain area people. And of course, we should admit that it has been doing so good until now since its beginning time.


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