Invest in Assam – Advantages and Disadvantages


Invest in Assam is a big deal for investors in contemporary Assam’s economic condition. 

If you want to learn things on the Invest in Assam then you have to know its advantages and disadvantages first. In this post, I will help you to learn its main advantages and disadvantages [within 7 points].

These 7 points will help to take a proper step if you want to start up your own business in this wealthy state [Wealthy in natural resources].

So, are you really interested?

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Advantages to Invest in Assam


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4 Main Advantages to Invest in Assam

1. Land of Natural Resources: – Assam is a land of raw materials. The land is wealthy with some very special natural resources; Like natural gas, oil, coal, tea, rubber, wood, limestone and many more. 

Investors can easily use these raw materials in manufacturing or producing goods and services. On the other hand, there is another a very good benefit of it.

Where they can generate more profit by buying these all materials in very fewer costs. Because there the competition is very less in numbers in using these such resources. 

So, if you invest in this state then there will be no obstacles left out on the issue of seeking raw materials. This is the first reason that I think about as its advantage.

Now the next one…….


2. The Agricultural Hub: – Secondly, I want to ask you a question; which state is the agricultural hub of north-east India?

Definitely, Assam is the agricultural hub of north-east India. 

Rice crops are the main crops but Assam tea is the most popular green cultivation in this state. Over 57% of whole India’s tea production is done in the tea gardens of Assam. If someone has done an investment in this sector with a proper business plan then they will be more profitable than to invest in any other sectors. 

When we look back at the history of Assam, we get found before around 200 years ago, tea culture had begun in the land of this state. The agricultural sector has really a vast space for investors or entrepreneurs. 

Great!, now the advantage number 3………….


3. Absolute Labor: – The third benefit is low cost and hard working labor. There are a lot of economic growth potentialities in this state for this particular reason. Because Investor always seeks low-cost labor and here there is no limit of low-cost labors.

But why and how? Do you know that? 

The main reason for low-cost laboring is unemployment among youths. Because of unemployment, people stand always ready to do any job at any wage rather than not getting a job. 

This big problem is also a big probability for investors to invest in Assam and make huge money at a very low-cost human laboring. So, I prefer this point as a golden key to build a business in there.

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4. Giant Market Space: – The forth pros is a huge market space. Over thirty & half million people live in Assam, It means a vast & vast market. 

This is really too much traffic to build a big business. Just think about it, if an investor will be able to acquire only about half of the land population [1.75 crores]. Then how much he or she will be able to make growth in the business? 

It is much easier to get ‘J curve’ in this state rather than other Indian states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Kolkata. Huge market means huge traffic and huge traffic means big money.

Now, the time to move for its disadvantages……….

invest in assam


3 Main Disadvantages to Invest in Assam

1. Unskilled Labor: – Unskilled labor is the very first disadvantage of it.  Here labors are available but 90% are unskilled and 9% is half skilled and only 1% labors are fully skilled. 

Skilled labor takes or needs only an hour to complete a job, where unskilled labor cost five to ten hours to complete the same job. 

The investors do not want to spend here in case of excess cost of their valuable time and money. So this is the first minus point, generally comes in front of an Investor.


2. Low-Quality Transportation: – 2nd Reason is low-quality transportation service. Business always grows smoothly in a place where transportation and communication system is very smooth and fast. 

In this state, the quality of transport and communication system is very low. So, in the case of low-quality transportation, investors always stay away or step back to come further here for investment.

Ok, now the time for the last big disadvantage………


3. Extremist Activities: – 3rd point is extremist activities. Everyone scares for illegal demand, dacoit and loosing of their property in this region. Investors do too.

Regional extremism is also a key factor of the low investment growth in Assam.



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Who can be contacted for a clear understanding of Assam Govt available Indl policy 17-18.Kindly help.

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