Industrialization in North-East India


In this post, we are going to learn about Industrialization in North-East India.

Here I will share with you 3 major potentialities, Which has the power to transform north-east India into an industrial hub.

Here are the 3 major potentialities……….


Industrialization in North-East India

3 Major Potentialities of Industrialization in North-East India

1. Tourism Industry: – Nobody needs to explain how beautiful North-East India is. For its nostalgic natural beauty, many people also called it the geo-heaven of India.

Here NEFA, Shillong, and Kaziranga are the most visited areas of the region. If you ever read Mr.Verrier Elwin’s “A Pilgrimage to Tawang” then you can experience the beauty of NEFA.

Mr.Elwin also defined it as the heaven in his lesson.        

If we talk about Shilong then many people defined it as ‘Mini Scotland’ of India. And I think I don’t need to explain about Kaziranga, which is world famous for its one horn Rhinoceros.

Due to Rapid expansion of digitalism, people are becoming able to recognize these all things.

According to an estimation, India’s tourism industry will be doubled within the year 2021. So I think it will definitely impact on North-East India’s tourism Industry too.

Now number 2………


2. Tea Industry: – In 2018, India was the 2nd largest tea producing country after China. But do you have any idea, how India reached that Position?

Yes!  It’s North-East India, who helped the country to rank on the 2nd in the global position.

This is really great and a little bit surprising because North-East is a backward region of the country.

You can even ask yourself; how an industry can reach on top, where 90% of works are done by human labors. 

Do you know in this region Assam state alone produces 57% of whole India’s tea? It means in future the state will become the global leader in tea production.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur then you can invest in tea industries of Assam. Because it has a lot, really a lot of potentialities for the future and of course Industrialization in North-East India.

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3 Major Potentialities of Industrialization in North-East India

3. E-Commerce Industry: – Nowadays E-commerce business in a boom. Everyone knows who the richest man in the world is at present and which platform he belongs to.

Needless to say he is Jeff Bezos, with his giant E-Commerce company

Do you know how wealthy Mr.Bezos is?

Its 112 billion dollars, which makes him world first centy billionaire.  

Now, let’s come to the main point………

Why did I tell you the E-com industry has a better future in North-East?

The very first reason is North-East vast market space. Here Assam Alone observes 40 million people in its land. Now you can imagine how it will be great to invest in e-com industry of North-East India.

2nd reason is less competition. Why? Because before 2015 most of this region people did not recognize with internet shopping. But after the digital revolution started in India people are becoming able to recognize with it.

Because of that particular reason E-com companies did not focus here a lot. Therefore there is still a vast market space available here for investors to start their new start up in here.

[North-East Market is not completely saturated]

I think within a few years most E-com companies will target North-east India. 



I hope the article remained helpful for you. Now it’s your turn to tell me what do you think about this matter.

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