Importance of distance education in Assam- Introduction


Distance education is not less Importance than regular education in Assam state. But before we go to our today’s topic, it is very important to know first…………

What is education? 

It’s a process of never ended learning and a way to live a beautiful humanitarian life. It pushes the human race to live a different life from other species. 

One of the best ever definitions that we have ever heard and learned in our scholastic period, given by a great Greek philosopher Plato. According to himeducation is a process which allows humans to achieve justice, both individually and socially. 

By his point of view, justice meant excellence and that absolute excellence comes via a proper education. This only one definition of Plato is quite enough to understand this powerful term.

The importance of education has been changing with the changing of time. Due to high competition in contemporary modern society, it has become very important to all people. But on the way of this importance, there are also a lot of obstacles or difficulties lives in.

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In our societies, some people are unable to complete their formal learning or to go to school and colleges. Those people are housewives, working employees, and your poor neighbors. Here is the point where the importance of informal or distance education comes out.

States like Assam, most of the people as I told you above are still in a large number, who are interested to complete their formal learning but unable complete for some of their personal or social socio-economic problems. 

For them, distance learning is the best choice and very important. 

Hey everyone, are you from Assam or elsewhere. Do you want to know the importance of distance education in Assam? Today in this post I will share with you some very significant point’s about the importance of distance education in Assam

So, if you are interested then you can read this whole post………I am sure that you will definitely love it.

 Importance of distance education in Assam


importance of distance education in Assam

1. Education For House Wives: – My first point is the education for married women. 


Because most of Assamese girls are gets married for the pressure of their family and society when they complete the age of 22 to 23. 

This means they never qualify to become economically self-independent because of lack skilled education. 

They need quality skilled education by means of self-dependence, here I think distance courses can help them to learn and become skilled in their interesting niche.

2nd point is…………..


2. For Poor People: – 2ndpoint is the education for poor people. 

Today education has become a part of a business, means needed lots of money to get an admin in a good institution. 

It is good for the people who can afford but what about poor people, what will they do? 

They have no money to go such a hi-fi school or college. In this case distance course will help them to get a quality education at no cost or at very less cost.

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3. Cover for Whole Population: – My 3rd point is rapid population growth. Assam has a huge population growth in this last three decade. 

Now the state has over 3.5 crore people. This is really unexpected within three decade’s but in the result, it is reducing the chances to get formal education for each and every student in this north-eastern state. 

In this point of view distance learning will be beneficial for them.


4. Opportunity to Earn with Learns: – 4th importances are learning with earning. If you have economic problems at your home then only you can understand how earning is important to you and your family. 

Many people want to learn about more things but constrain to leave school or colleges for family’s economic crisis. Distance education is a good potentiality for them to fulfill learning desire by doing work for earning. 

This method is very popular in western countries.

Now the point number 5……………………


5. The Freedom: – 5thpoint is freedom of learning. There is no “must be done” method applied in distance education, it is very flexible and own choice able.

 So no mental pressure of getting a high mark and high ranking. This is the best thing of distance courses, which actually should it be. 

Freedom of learning is a universal point for every learner belongs to any other part of the world.


Problems of distance education in Assam

With every potentiality, there is a problem comes. Distance learning is not far away from it. India belongs to third world country; to implement a new innovative idea is quite tough here. Distance learning is born in the western world and they are implementing it in proper ways but here condition is different. It cannot be described within a few words but as I see and feel, I will tell you some of its problems due to implementation in the Assam state of India.


1. promotional mindset, not educational: – The very first problem is the promotional mindset, not educational. When I completed my graduation, I thought to end my formal education and to focus on my carrier but my parents advised me to go and take admission in distance course (M.A) because in future if I will be able to get a govt job then it will help me in getting a high promotion. I appreciated but what about knowledge. Actually, though the distance course implemented in this state maximum number of people are using it only for their job promotional interests, not for knowledgeable purposes.


2. Low or no quality learning: – The 2nd problem is Low or no quality learning system. Teachers don’t know who are his/her students and students too. Here teachers and students have no connection between each other. Even I personally don’t know who will teach me, I passed one a year in M.A course but till now I have not seen my teacher’s face. On the other hand, distance learning has some tools like digital learning but here this method is very rarely used.


3. matter of numbers and grade: – It should not be but the matter of numbers and grade still matters in Assam’s distance learning field. Everyone still here tries to get more numbers and high rank, there is nothing wrong here, I also appreciate. But I think we should not support unwise method, applied to it.


4. Ignored Method: – Distance learning is an ignored method in Assam. Why? Because it has less demand in jobs perspective. Actually, distance education is only for learning not for getting a job. People have to understand that education means not to prepare for doing a job but to build an empire of knowledge.


What John Dewey said: education is a lifelong process it never ends or runs until the death of a person. Where is not learning?

There is everywhere that we learnt something. Distance education is a good way to learn but should be implementing in a proper way as western nations doing today.

If you really interested to get knowledge then It does not matter how a government or an institution implementing it. It really matters on you and me, how we do try to implementing it.

I hope you liked our post on the importance of distance education in Assam. Please comment and share.


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