Impact of Migration in North-East India


In this post, I am going to show you 4 main impact of human illegal migration in North-East India.

In fact…………

These 4 main impacts are exactly the same, which already proven thousands of times, whenever a study conducted on the impact of illegal and heavy migration.

And today in this post I am going to show you these proven 4 main impacts STEP-BY-STEP.


Impact of Migration in North-East India


4 Impact of Illegal Migration in North-East India


1. Population Growth: – The very first one is population growth. If you approach the population structure of North-East’s local residence then you will see the population growth of its local residence is very less in number.

For an example: – Today’s Assam’s population is around 3.5 crores. But it’s quite shocking that its local residence population has not been growing (highly) yet, since a few decades. If this is true then how it’s reached to 3.5 crores.

Actually, its main cause is illegal immigration from north-east’s native countries like Bangladesh.

According to the census report of 2001 Assam’s population was around 26,655,528. But when a census done in 2011 it has grown like a rocket ship which became to 31,205,576.

It means within a one decade the state population growth was around 17.07 percent. This is really horrifying.

Don’t consider it as my saying. But many analyzers of this migratory community are saying that among these immigrant people the birth ratio is much higher than any other community of North-East India.

However, it has many different causes but one is the chief which is definitely the lack of education.



2. Destroying Job Opportunities: – People always aware to fulfill their three main fundamental needs (Food, Shelter, and Cloth).

But to fulfill these three needs one needs to find Jobs.

But what will happen if there are no Job opportunities left out for the growing number of population?

Yes, the happening is called unemployment or destroying job opportunities. Here is the same thing been happening in north-east India since a few decades around the 1970s.

Illegal immigration is killing highest job quantities for its old residential people. So this is another impact of high immigration to north-east India.


3. Criminal Activities: – There are too many reasons for rising crime in society.

Among these reasons, poverty is a significant one. We can’t consider that Poverty is the primary cause but in most cases, it arouses some people emotion to become a criminal.

What do you think the people who are immigrants to India are rich, No they are not.

Especially the immigrants who are illegally emigrating from neighboring countries like Bangladesh is very poor and they are even could be considered as the food and shelter seekers. 

In search of food and shelter, they do some crimes like thieving, Decocting, and Kidnapping etc. So, this is also another impact of illegal immigration in North-East India.


4. Cultural Change: – Immigrants are not the same as the other people of north-east India; they have too many differences than its old residence.

And as you know its residents are very less in number. Therefore highly immigrating people are influencing its old culture and languages. Even many states its old residence also loses their old cultural identity too, for example, Tripura.

Once Tripura was a state of Tripuri people, but nowadays the highest numbers of its residences are Bengali. This is also a result of the cause of high immigration.



Here are the four main stuff’s about Impact of Migration in North-East India. I hope you liked it.

If you really do then don’t forget to comment below.

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