Ibaku or Bohagiya Bisu Festival of Assam


Ibaku or Bohagiya Bisu is one of the most important yearly celebrated festivals of Assam. 

Each year Assam’s Deori (The tribe) people celebrate this festival. Generally, it comes into celebration at the time, while the Chief festival Rongali Bihu is celebrated all over the state. 

Therefore this ‘Basanta Ritu’ (Assamese word) festival also compared with Rongali Bihu as the same.

Just as Bohag Bihu followed for seven days, in the same way, this Ibaku Bisu is also celebrated for seven days time too.

People of Deori community organize this festival on the first Wednesday of the Bohag (Generally falls in English January month) month. 

They call the day before Bisu is ‘Uruka’. This is almost the same thing as other Assamese people follow Uruka in Bohag Bihu.

On the day of Bisu, these people worship their adorable Gods. They worship multiple deities, such as Pisadema, Pisasi, and Kundimama etc. 

Ibaku Bisu or Bohagiya Bisu festival of Assam


According to their traditional belief, Deori people sacrificed various animals to satisfy their adorable deities in worships, like Ducks, chickens, pig’s, goats etc.

In the joy of Bohagiya Bisu, people of Deori community organize dance and song programs in the villages. 

In these rituals, their young boys and girls take the leading roles. They visit their whole village and perform their traditional dance and songs among people. 

It goes for the whole week and at the end of the weekend, it ends with some very special rituals.

On the day that it is terminated, is called ‘Bisu Urruwa’. That day, those people circulate their last dance performance for the year. This last dance performed in their ‘Deo Ghar’

After performing in ‘Deo Ghar’ they arrive at the home of the Chieftain of the village and then they went to an open field with performing from East to the west.

And there they finish it completely the for the whole year.

So, this is how the Deori people celebrates Ibaku Bisu or Bohagiya Bisu festival in the state Assam.


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