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Today in this post I am going to share with you some great information about 10 historical places of Assam.

But before we start I would like to give you a short introduction to our today’s topic.

This is an unchangeable truth that Assam has a history of struggle, war, and love. 

These love, war and struggle’s history has been creating some unbelievable and amazing momentum at different times in the land of Assam. And because of this, the result we get today Assam historical places.

So, are you interested to feel these amazing momentums?

If you really are

Then let’s start this with the very first one………….

5 to 10 historical places of Assam


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10 historical places of Assam 

1. Charaideo: – Charaideo was a part of Sivasagar district till 2015, but today its an autonomous district of Assam. On 15th August’s of the year 2015, state chief minister Mr.Tarun Gogoi declared it as an autonomous district.

If someone asks an Assamese person about the first capital of Ahom kingdom then they generally answer, its Charaideo. 

Why? Because

It was the first capital of the Ahom kingdom, where Ahom began to write the very first part of Assam history.

In 1253 Chaw lung Sukaphaa (1st Ahom King) established his kingdom in Charaideo. 

There the memory of Ahom kings is beautifully reserved from almost around 300 years. I think one must see the beauty of ‘Moidam’ to understand the great Assam history.

Awesome, now place number 2……


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2. Ranghar:-  Today Ranghar is world famous for its beauty, with comparing to Delhi’s Red fort it is also known as the Red Fort of Assam. 

Ahom king Pramatta Singha constructed Ranghar during the era of Ahom’s. It was an entertainment Pavilion of Ahom Kings. 

During many Occasions, they organized sports and festivals like Bihu dance, Buffalo fight, Judo, Chicken fight, Bulbul birds fight and many more.

Oh wait, I have to tell you that Ranghar is Asia’s first Pavilion.

Ok, now the time to move on Borhill…..Do you want to go?

Then let’s go……

Asia’s first Pavilion


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3. Borhill:- Borhill is a beautiful picnic place, I think you will definitely love it.

It falls in Sivasagar district.

Here Borhill falls is the most attractive destination for visitors but one thing you should remember that though Borhill comes in Assam, but one part of it comes into Nagaland.

And that part is Borhill falls which comes into Nagaland area.

Of course, you know, Nagaland is a border state of Assam. 

A belief has been running from a very old time, about 300 years [you may know] that Ahom king Gadadhar Singha first met Dalimi at that place. When he was being sought to be killed by ‘Lora Roja’ [Child King].

historical places of Assam, photos of historical places of assam

Karen Ghar

4. Kareng Ghar:-  In 1747 Pramatta Singha built the Kareng Ghar. 

The Kareng which was built by Pramatta Singha destroyed in a few years later and was again rebuilt by Rajeswar Singha. 

This is a beautiful example of Ahom architecture. Kareng Ghar falls in Gorgoan (Nowadays a small place of Sivasagar). 

It has also another name, which is The Gorgoan Palace.


5. Jorhat: – Jorhat is the cultural hub of Assam, after Guwahati, It has the 2nd reputation in the state and also describes as the city of culture.

the main importance of Jorhat tourism is Majuli, 


Because the great Assamese Saint  Srimanta Sankardeva established his Neo-Vaishnavite culture in that place. 

But most significantly Majuli is the largest river island of Assam and even India. 

Today Majuli is not a part of Jorhat district, Because in 2016 Assam government declared it as an autonomous district of the state. 

If you prefer then you can go to other Jorhat tourist sites, like Tocklai tea research center, Lachit Borphukon Maidam, Jorhat science center etc.

Am I boring you? If I do then I am sorry, but I will not let you go until I finish……..(Ok jokes apart)…….So till now, we recognize you with 5 historical places of Assam [India]

Now let’s talk about another 5…………


6. Tezpur: – Why Tezpur is famous? 

The reasons are Agnigar, Kalia Bhumura Setu and  Nameri National Park etc. 

Tezpur has a history written in ancient Indian epics. and that is………… 

The love story of Usha-Aniruddha, which makes it more famous among Indian people. 

According to Indian epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata),  King Ban made the Agnigar for preventing the love between Usha and Anirudha, but in the end, he failed.


7. Bridge of Stone:- During the rule of Ahom king Shiva Singha a bridge was made in Sivasagar with stones.

Today this stone-made bridge is popular as ‘sila Saku’ of Assam. 

It is too nearer to present day Simluguri. This stone made bridge is still in its own position by showing the power and dignity of the Ahom kingdom.


8. Guwahati: – Today Guwahati is important because the capital of Assam is situated in Guwahati (Dispur). 

But is it only the cause of its popularity? 

um………of course not.


Because other reasons are like it is the doorway of north-east India and many other historical places in Guwahati. Such as Kamakhya temple, Nilachal Pahar, and Tirupati Sri Balaji Temple etc. 

During the month of June, many people of Hindu religion come to visit Kamakhya temple for some religious purposes.

Where Talatal Ghar Is Situated

9. Talatal Ghar:- It is the house of Army base of Ahom kings and kingdom.

Swargadeo Rudra Singha built Talatal Ghar in 1698.

It is a house where there are many confusing doors, People of Assam been believing that If someone lost in Talatal Ghar then it becomes too difficult for him to be found.  

Ahom King constructed the house to keep hidden their arms and war strategies. 

Really Talatal Ghar is a great place to see.



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