why Guwahati is not the capital of Assam?


Do you know why Guwahati is not the capital of Assam?

This is really an interesting fact. But 84% of the entire Indian and Assam people don’t know why Guwahati is not the capital of Assam. 

It may look like you want to know about its real fact.

If you do so…………..then in this post we will learn some awesome fact’s on this political matter.  

First of all, let’s take a little bit walk into the historical story of Assam. This story began in 1972 when Meghalaya came into the separation mode from Assam State.

Today’s Assam was once known as “Bor Assam” till the time of 1962, But later in 1963 on 1st December the trend had completely changed when Nagaland became separated from “Bor Assam”. 

This was the first incident which shocked completely the unity of the State. 

On the other hand, this incident inspired quite a lot to the Khasi and Bodo revolutionary organizations of Meghalaya because they always wanted to make Meghalaya separate from Assam and make an autonomous state. 

At the end and after a lot of hardships, on 21st January of 1972 Meghalaya separated from Assam and became an autonomous state of the Indian union.

If Guwahati not then which was the capital of Assam before Dispur?

Friends, do you know which was the first capital of Assam? 

Yes, it was first in Shillong city. But you should know that Shillong was a part of Meghalaya. 

When the division happened between Meghalaya and Assam, The older state obliged to leave its old capital.

At the same time, it was being thought to bring the capital of Assam to Jorhat district. But later, seeing many other facilities and difficulties, the state government decided to declare a village near Guwahati city as the new capital of Assam.

That village was Dispur. This is the reason why today Dispur is the capital of Assam.


Could Guwahati be considered as the capital of Assam?

The capital of Assam is in Guwahati but we can’t consider the whole Guwahati as the capital. Because Guwahati is a very large city and together with more than one district’s this has been formed. 

But if you call this city as capital, it will not be too wrong. Because Dispur falls in Guwahati city.

I hope that you have got the answers to your question. Now, if you have any other questions, then please let me know by commenting below.


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