The Growth of Tourism in Assam – The Present Scenario


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In this modern world, tourism has become a very popular concept. And with its popularity, it is also a rapidly growing industry too.

Assam tourism

Today the whole world is connected by Globalization. And hence nowadays we are living in a village of a giant global society. We can go anywhere; wherever we want to do. 

So here is the main concept where tourism comes and grows. 

Today, each and every country, state and corporate’s are trying to move fast and build their good reputation in this industry. 

Assam tourism has also a lot of potentialities. Even, I believe it is possible to be taken to the topmost level. But here some problems are still preventing this field to be highly spared all over the world as it should be. 

So, here In this article, I will share with you 4 tactics. These tactics will help you to learn how to make rapid growth in the tourism sector of Assam.

So, let’s discuss it…………..

Growth of Tourism in Assam

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4 Ways of Growth of Tourism in Assam 

1. To Understand A Customers Persona: – A tourist is a customer for the hosting state. 

This is quite necessary to think for the seller or hosts that when a customer would come again after once he come for taking the joy of that particular product. 

Here tourism services are the main product for the state, which we are selling to the tourist. So, Assam has to develop their product first. I think then they should go for taking their next steps. 

Now probably, you may have a question in your mind that which are the main products for customer service in this sector?

These products are like better tourist destinations, better transportation, hotel and motels and most importantly residence behavior

Hence, this is not only the government’s sole duty but residence also has to understand how to behave and help their own guests.

Now the way number 2……………….


2. Better Transport and Communication: – Better transport and communication system always stand as a responsible factor in developing a state’s tourism industry. 

Assam is a north-eastern state of India. And you may know that north-east is almost separated from India’s mainland. So this is the main reason for its backwardness in transport and communication sides. 

A good transport and communication system is always necessary for providing tourist a better tourism experience. 

Assam is still in a backward position of achieving the goal. So, here it needs to do more work on this issue and of course its prospects.

[Corruption, low-quality leadership are some of the responsible factors for killing the transport and communication growth]

Ways of Growth of Tourism in Assam (123)3. Better Marketing: – “Nobody will here you, nobody will learn you”. Good marketing is always responsible to build a business or a big brand fast.

This is the age of global interconnection. A business has to be learned by people if expected huge growth from it.

So, Assam tourism has to be promoted more all over the world. people have to know more to be attracted and to visiting this beautiful place. 

This is one of the major spaces that govt, organization, and residents have to work on. Especially govt have to do more on it because it costs higher and therefore an individual cannot afford these all costs alone.

digital marketing, social media marketing are the best ways to promote it at present.


4. Security Steps: – Who does not want security? Everyone does. Extremist activity threatened the tourist’s to visit this north-eastern state. 

Government and Indian security departments will have to take more action on security and privacies perspective to prevent extremism. It will make tourist life more secure when they come to visit this state.



Assam tourism has a great scope for the future but the time comes to do work on it now. 

Future always depends on our now’s so if work is done in now then the future of this sector will automatically be brightened.

What do you think? Please comment with your opinion.


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