The fall of Ahom Kingdom


You everyone may know, that the history of Assam is the history of the rise and the fall of the Ahom kingdom. 

So, how the great Ahom kingdom history began?

It was in 1228 when a Tai prince (named by Chawlung Sukaphaa) came from China’s Yunnan territory and established the foundation of the great kingdom in the heart Brahmaputra Valley.

But it was about later 600 years when the kingdom began to fall down.

So, do you want to know why and how the great Ahom kingdom falls down?

Then today in this post I will tell you about 4 major causes of its disruption or failure over time. 

So, are you interested to know this historical phenomenon?

If you are…….then,

stay with me………..

Fall of Ahom Kingdom [4 Major Causes]


4 Major Causes of the Fall of Ahom Kingdom

1. Moamoria’s rebellion: – So the very first cause is Moamoria rebellion. Actually, it was an internal civil war in the state between Ahom’s and Moamoria’s. 

There were too many causes of Moamoria’s rebellion

But the most extreme case was the insulting behavior to the Moamoria’s by the main authority of Ahom kingdom.

It began during the ruling time of Swargadeo Lakshmi Singha and ended during the time of Kamaleswar Singha.

This rebellion lasted for 36 long years, which completely broken down the bone marrow of the powerful kingdom.

Now let’s go to the 2nd point…..

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2. Economic Crisis: – The 2nd cause is its bad economic condition. 

Ahom kingdom suffered from the economic crisis in the 2nd half of the 18th century. 

At that time leaders were not so strong or too weak to fight against that crisis. Hence they failed to reform Assam economy again. 

It contributes a lot to grown other problems later, Such as military weakness, civil war condition (or Moamoria rebellion)etc.


3. Burmese Invasion: – The 3rd cause is the attack of Burmese. Burmese invaded Assam three times, from 1817 to 1826.

With the invitation of Badan Borphukan ‘Maan’ (or Burmese) came to Assam to invasion.

The time of Burmese invasion is known as the darkest part for Ahom kingdom. 


4. The arrival of British: – To defeat Burmese and make Assam independent, British came to this land. 

But their actual purpose was not as like that, which was thought before. 

Before they came they promise Assamese people that they have no external purpose to rule in Assam, they came here only to make Assam free from Burmese rule. 

But after Yandabu treaty in 1826, they changed their motive and refused to leave this land. 

Slowly they started to capture the rule of whole Assam land and at the end, the sun of Ahom Kingdom was completely shut down with the rule of British Empire.


So These are the main four causes of the Ahom Kingdom Falls…If you want to know more about it broadly then you can read Mr.Leela Gogoi’s ‘BaliMaar’ history book. In this book, he beautifully describes everything on it.


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