Entrepreneurship in Assam- Introduction


Entrepreneurship in Assam is like a beautiful dream.

Are you living in Assam

And do you have any awesome startup idea to start soon?

Are you excited to implement these all? 

Is anybody discouraging you on the way of your goal? 

There are tons of question in front of an Assamese guy, who wants to start his/her own business

So hi guys I am Akash and today I am going to share with you three main facts. because of which an Assamese youth does not try to become an entrepreneur or to start his/her own business.

So, do you want to explore the facts?………

if you really do then don’t go anywhere. stay with me……….

So, before we start- my first question is to you, what do you think does business comes from blood or mind? Generally, Assamese people thought that business comes from blood but I think this is complete nonsense. 

Business or entrepreneurship is not a god gifted thing that it flows in our blood. OK, I will explain you below, why these people think in this way?


3 The Main Problem of Youth Entrepreneurship in Assam


1. The first reason is no generation connection. 

Just approach Marwari business families. Do you know what is the main secret element in their success stories?

The main secret is…………..

these business families have been doing the same business from generation by generation, 

………there is no business generation gap in their families. However, I am not trying to say all Marwari people are businessmen or businesswomen. 

But look at these Assamese people, there are a very small number of people who have been doing the same business from multiple or two, three generations.

It means less generation connection between two business generations in that community. 

For this reason, new Assamese youth becomes unable to understand a business idea very sincerely. Because they have no mentor to be guided. Hence they thought it is a game of blood not mind. And many times youth left out their dreams from mind to become an entrepreneur. 

There is a very common thought among these people that Business is only for Marwari’s not for them.

(I am also an Assamese and that is why I have already faced these problems)

If you are an Assamese and if you already express your business ideas in front of your mom and dad then maybe you already listen to these kinds of things from them.

2. My second point is based on “No Pain, No Gain”. 

Would you like to become a Millionaire or billionaire overnight?

of course who doesn’t want to be! 

me too………..

but it does not happen in the real world. 

If you have a dream to become a successful entrepreneur then you may definitely listen about great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jeff Bozos and Warren Buffet. 

Actually, entrepreneurship is not an easy concept; it is not possible to build overnight. 

Do you know why Elon Musk, Jeff Bozos and Warren Buffet are the most successful business personalities on the planet? 

Because they are very hardworking, they never want to stop anymore, they were beaten down but never give up any more and look at Assamese peoples lazy life; 

they don’t want to do hard work either they are unable to take risks and lack of never giving up attitude. 

Now you tell me how a person could achieve success in his/her life with these kinds of attitude. entrepreneurship is too far away.


3. My third point is the Education system. 

I already told you that entrepreneurship is not an easy concept. it is to be learned and to be practiced. The Education system of India or Assam is not compatible with entrepreneurial skill development.

Here the education system does not encourage their students to innovate new ideas and implement them. 

the traditional education system has been dropping down the concept of the growth of Entrepreneurship in Assam.



There are also many other reasons why the youth of the state try less to become an entrepreneur. 

But these three I explained are the main key factors that I think about personally. And therefore I thought to share with you.

If you agree with the three points or any other question on it then please comment me in the comment box below.


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