The Elephant festival of Assam


The Elephant festival of Assam is one of the festivals, celebrated each year in the north-eastern state. 

This festival was first inaugurated in 2003, during Mr. Tarun Gogoi’s chief ministry period. 

Since then it passes 15 long years till now in 2018.

The elephant festival has some very noble purpose. The main theme of this fair is to conserve or save elephants and their lives in all over Assam. 

Therefore each year on 11th February to 17th February this fair is beautifully organized in Kaziranga national park.

The Elephant festival of Assam


The purpose of Assam’s elephant festival

At present time in Assam, there is a lot of population growing every day by immigrating and by birthing. 

Because of this reason, the land area of this state is decreasing day by day. An, therefore, human’s are destroying jungle’s and starting to live in forest areas, where Elephant’s lives in too. 

Humans are interfering in the elephant’s peaceful lives and that is why day by day the clashes between human and elephants are increasing rapidly. 

This festival has the purpose to make people aware about it to stop interfering in their lives and to stop haunting Elephants for their organs.


History of the Elephant festival of Assam

Actually, the festival is organized by Assam’s government two departments jointly combination. One is the Tourism department and another is the forest department

In 2003 to building some positive new thoughts among the states common people, the Assam government took this decision.

Nowadays it is running successfully each and every year since 2003.

In 2003, almost 300 pet elephants attended the festival and here 211 elephants heath was checked by the special veterinarian. 

In this festival, elephants show multiple activities (or elephants Art) such as playing football, doing dances, parades, and running races etc. 

It is good to say that a lot of national and international tourist visit Assam every year to enjoy this beautiful festival of this giant animal. It is also contributing to the growth in Assam tourism too.

So this is it, if you want to know more about this fest then I suggest you visit Kaziranga national park for once on February months 11th to 17th.


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