Ease of Doing Business in Assam


‘Ease of doing business in Assam’ -may be every experienced entrepreneur of India already recognize with this concept.

But for them who are still very new and have no experience in doing such business in Assam, this article will definitely help them to understand the state’s business playground.

Hey, everyone, I am Akash and today in this post, you will learn about the 6 most powerful ease that you should really know about. These 6 powerful ease ideas will help you to implement your new small and large startup ideas in this north-eastern state.

So, let’s right dive in……

Ease of Doing Business in Assam

6 Most Powerful Ease of Doing Business in Assam

1. Raw Materials: – No matter, whether your startup plan is a large or small scale based but to start every business raw materials is the first and main thing to think about.

If we talk about Assam then there is enough quantity of raw materials in this state. From oil to coal and from tea to water everything is available here, really everything.

If you will start your business based on tea then this state is in number one position in India. It alone produces 57% of the whole countries.

As like tea, there is enough quantity of coal, natural gas, granite available here. The state is also rich in wild resources. There are too many valuable trees and animals are founded in its jungles.

So, raw materials are the first ease of doing business in Assam.

Now the next one………….


2. Agricultural Production: – Assam is the hub of all agricultural activities done in North-East. There are two main reasons behind it. One is its fertile soil and another is generation connection.

This land is very old from an agricultural perspective. Generation by generation people of Assam has been doing agriculture in its fertile land. If we look for agricultural production, then this state produces different type’s crops like rice, wheat, tea, jute, cotton, potatoes, coconut, sugarcane, pulse and many more.

Rice, tea, and jute are the three main productions. Here Assam tea is the most popular crop around the world. As I mentioned you above Assam alone produces 57% of the whole of India’s tea, which leads the country to rank on 2nd position in the global ranking.

This is true that China is in number one position, but now expected within a few years India will beat China in tea producing.

Based on agriculture, other industries like mustard oil, wheat, chips, cloth, and sugar are also growing in this state.

So, I think the ease will grow more in the future with modernity.

Now the super 3rd one…………..

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3. Low-Cost Labour: – This is one of the most significant reasons, why Assam is best for starting a small business. But why it’s labor cost too less than other places in India?

Ok, I will explain to you why it is?

The main cause is unemployment. The state has a population of around 45 million, where 3.5 million people are still unemployed. And significantly these 3.5 million (35 lakhs) people are mostly youth’s.

Because of that fact they have nothing to do for earning some bucks. I am from Assam and I can understand here most youths are always ready for doing any job. (Most of them are ready to do it at a low wage)

A business owner can easily use these youth’s like his/her employ within 5-7 seven thousand rupees per month.

So, low cost and youth labor can be better ease for you, if you are an entrepreneur and want to start your small business in Assam.

Now the point number 4th……..


4. Vast Market Space: – Suppose you produced a product and that product is also qualitatively good. Now you want to sell it but there is not enough traffic at the place where you want to sell it. What will you do?

Nothing left out to be done, because it will lead you to lost, lost and just lost.

But you don’t need to think about this obstacle in the perspective of Assam.


Because there are around 45 million people live in Assam and I can make sure this 45 million is not less to start a small or a giant industry.

So, vast market space also could be great ease of doing business in Assam. [Just Think yourself]

Now let’s move into the fifth point………


5. Multiple Fields to Invest: – A proper plan can make you a successful entrepreneur in Assam. It has too many fields to invest, such as agriculture, tourism, e-commerce, manufacturing goods, and services etc.

Suppose you chose the tourism industry, here you can invest in hotels, motels or you can run a travel agency. On the other hand, this age is the age digitalization, today tourism business runs on websites.

If you take your tour related business to online [based on Assam] then you can get thousands of traffic and sales every day. Because around the world, Assam is famous for its one horn rhinoceros and every year lakhs of foreigner come here to see this unique animal.

[However, In online business, for getting a lot of traffic you need to do a lot of hardship]

Or, you can go for investing in the manufacturing sector for producing goods and services. Because it has too many raw materials, which are like as I mentioned you above tea, oil, coal, natural gas, and other agricultural and natural materials etc.

Now the last one is………..


6. Less Competition: – This is the most important thing for every business person to find out a product which has no competition or less competition. But the condition of Assam is a little bit different. Here you don’t need to find out a product with less competition, because here the whole market is also based on less competition.

However, I am not telling you there is no competition runs here; of course, it has some, but quite less than other states of India.

Here is still a vast space available for new investors, to come here and make some investment in this less competitive market.

Because of this reason, sometimes business owners can decide monopoly price for their product here.



I hope you liked our post on ‘Ease of doing business in Assam’.

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