Dihing Patkai festival of Assam


Dihing Patkai festival is a newly celebrated festival of Assam. First inaugurated in 2002. And that is why till now it passes 15 long years time and still celebrated with a lot of enjoyment.

Generally, every year this festival organized on 16th of January and celebrated for five days continuously in Tinsukia districts Lekhapani area

In the very first time, when it organized in 2002, India’s ex-president Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam invited there as the chief guest.

Dihing-Patkai festival of Assam


Why Dihing Patkai festival is celebrated in Assam?

As you may understand from its name Dihing Patkai. This festival celebrates on the basis of the names of Dihing River and Patkai Mountain. This is the reason why it called the Dihing Patkai festival. 

In this fair there are several groups of people from different ethnic communities comes here for enjoyment. 

These people carry their different cultural elements to the fair. These elements are like foods, clothes etc.

In the festival place, there a lot of Mausoleum reserved of 2nd world war militants. Therefore, visitors get chances to see them and feel the great history of the world with the enjoyment of it. 

Visitors also can see the ‘Stilwell road’. Actually, this road is the main way which connecting India and Myanmar with each other.

All in all, we can say, Dihing Patkai festival is all about Tourism, Mela’s and creating connection and building brotherhood between the peoples with different cultures, communities of Assam.   


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