Deepor Beel

A place becomes heaven when human and animal lives together. A person can’t even imagine who has no such a [beautiful or amazing] experience like this.

Here in this post, we will learn about exact heaven which is situated in Assam.

Yes, as I mentioned you on the heading this place is Deepor Beel.

So, as I ask you a question on our other posts, I will ask you the same question again.

Are you interested to know about  Deepor Beel?

If yes, then let’s dive right in with a…………



Simple Introduction: –

Considered as one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Brahmaputra Valley of lower Assam, Deepor Beel is especially famous for its different species of residential and migratory birds.

Did you know that this lake is a permanent lake of freshwater, which is made from a former channel of Brahmaputra River?


I must tell you that it has a large area of wetlands, because of which on 19th August 2002 Deepor Beel came into the project under Ramsar Convention.

Do you know what Ramsar Convention is?

Ok, let me explain – Actually Ramsar Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use for wetlands, this treaty was signed in 1971’s 2nd February in Iran.

This is a great attribution to the lake that it came under the protection of Ramsar convention.


The Address of Deepor Beel

With an area of 40.14 km2, this beautiful lake falls in Kamrup district of Assam and exact location is the South-West corner of Guwahati city.

If you drive from Guwahati city then it will only become 13 km, and hardly will take ½ hour time.

So, don’t worry this is so easy to go there.

The Importance of Deepor Beel


The Importance of Deepor Beel

Remember I mentioned you above, a place becomes the heaven where human and animals started to lives together.

In this case, there is no other better example than Deepor Beel.


Because, here is the place where you can see over 1100 of human families and 219 species of birds, 12 types of Lizards, 18 species of Snakes and 6 species of different turtles lives in together.

This is really great!

That is why every year thousands of visitors come here to spend their holidays and to see the beauty of the Deepor Beel.

This is the destination, where 70 different species of migratory birds and over 20 rarest species of birds live in, these birds species are in the red zone of globally, threatened bird families.

These are like Greater Adjutant Stork, Spot-billed Pelican, and Lesser Adjutant etc.

Now let’s take a look at its native people thinking…………..

But first of all, I want to ask you a question,

How do you feel to your home village or place, where you live in?

Of course, an emotional effect always connected with the places where we live in. Deepor Beel is the home of around 5000-6000 people’s population.

They also have a very beautiful emotional effect to their birthplace. Last year in my visit I asked a local person about what he thinks on this heritage.

He answered me that they have been living in Deepor Beel since a very old time of their forefathers and this is the places where they find food and shelter for survival and that is why they try every possible attempt to save this ancient heritage.

Some Beautiful Creatures of Deepor Beel Including Birds


Best Time to Visit

The best timing to visit this lake is from November ends to April month ends; because winter falls from November and hence different species of migratory birds comes here in this season.


Some Beautiful Creatures of Deepor Beel Including Birds

Birds: – Fishing Eagles, Kingfisher, Greater Adjutant, Lesser Adjutant, Spot-Billed Pelican, Crane and Nordmann’s Greenshank etc.

Snakes: – Python, Manacled Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, Golden Flying Snake etc.

Turtles: – Peacock Soft-shell Turtle (Bor Kaso), Assam Roofed Turtle, Narrow Headed Soft-shell Turtle etc.

Now, this is your turn to tell me when you will plan your day to travel to Deepor Beel.

Don’t forget to let me know by commenting below.

Thank you.  

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