Corruption in Assam


Corruption is a critical socio-economic phenomenon in Assam. Actually, this is not only for Assam or India but it has the same face around the whole world.

Here in this post, we will learn 3 of its most significant causes and 3 main impacts in Assamese society.

So, are you ready…..let’s do this.

Corruption in Assam

3 Most Significant Causes of Corruption in Assam

1. Moral Degradation: – No matter, how much religious he is. No matter how much he/she prays to God for forgiveness for the sin that he always does. Corruption has no other face, expect crime and lack of morality.

It is a very unfortunate event that many people in Assam still think that what is wrong with it, he/she is God’s devotee; God will forgive him for all his sins.

It is a very silly thing that even a person does mischief and then asks for forgiveness from God. We can define this case as the person also trying to bribe his god too.

Some uneducated, stupid thinking people call these ‘moral corrupt’ as wise because they are devoting of god. But I think this is no better than foolish thinking.

A moral person can never ever be corrupt, and a person who is corrupt can never be moral.


2. Lake of Heavy Punishment: – I am not supporting to kill a corrupt person at the public but heavy punishment is very necessary.

In Assam, large government officers are involved in mischief. These people carry out all these immoral acts by their own living staff.

Now you can understand yourself how will it be possible to remove it from public service departments of Assam, where most of the high ranked officers are corrupt?

However, I think the government took an excellent role to prevent APSC or Assam Public Service Commission Scam in 2016.

If the government continues to take appropriate measures to stop corruption, then freeing Assam from it will not be too difficult in the future.


3. Lack of Appropriate Education: – It is rather important to ask ‘what is not education?’ then to ask ‘what is education?’ Today the definition of education has completely been changed in Assam.

This is an unwilling truth but most of the people have no idea what is a real education. Students are running after getting high rank and numbers, but where is knowledge?

As I felt most of the parents in Assam does not even care for their child’s knowledge growth, they care only for their child’s high marks in exams. ‘This is really, so stupid thinking’.

This is the reason, why 99% of students lose their morality in their scholastic period. They learn indirectly from their society and parent’s how to do mischief and get a high ranking.

[Duplicating in the exam is also an example of corruption. Not only that but also competing for marks helps in degrading morality]

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3 Most Significant Causes of Corruption in Assam

3 main impacts of Corruption in Assam

1. Self Degradation: – This impact of mischief is universal, not only in the case of Assam. What is this ‘self-degradation’? This is actually an impact, where most of the corrupt people harm themselves own, then their family and at last society; but, how?

First of all, the corrupt man harms his soul, then he sold out himself for money. They bring all the money in the house and felt own self as rich. But here is the main turning point comes.

The money he brings to his home used by his children’s. They also are same as their mom and dad, because their parents never were able to give them proper education.

Why? Because they are themselves characterless, then how they can provide proper education to their children’s, it harms children a lot. Sometimes they also do some crimes on their parent’s money emphasis.

All these events happen in human society at different times. There is no fiction story at here. These are based entirely on true events. You can think yourself and can experience the truth.

So, I think today this is a major problem created by corruption in Assam.


2. Harming in Economic Development: – Assam is a backward state of India. The main reason behind it is corruption. Most of the government department of the state is highly corrupt.

Do you know the corruption in Assam is in the 5th position of the country’s ranking?

The state loses thousands of crore rupees per year, due to heavy mischief. So, it is harming a lot in the economic development of the state.


3. Destroying Potentialities for Convenient: – ‘you will give 5 lakhs rupees and I will give a job in Irrigation department’- If all this happens without any obstruction, then how will any right person get his right in society? Maybe not!

This is so sad to tell you but today Assam’s proper suitable candidates suffering from the same problem in the recruitment field.

So, destroying potentialities for convenient is one of the worst impact of corruption in Assam.



Now it’s your turn to tell what do you think about the corruption issue of Assam?

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