Child Labor in Assam


Child labor has become a big problem for the India state, Assam. 

Nowadays this problem is in a very horrible condition. According to a survey report of 2018, there were more than fifty thousands of child labors in Assam State. 

This is really very bad for the honor and the dignity of this country. And of course, for a better future of the next generation too. India’s constitution does not recognize or support child labor practice and declare it a crime. 

But even after doing all these things, it is very sad to keep going on and on all these events in this country.

In spite of the various activities by India’s constitution and the work of the government, why the child labor practice is not being stopped in states like Assam

Do you want to know, why? So, today we will discuss the Causes of child labor practice in Assam and also its solutions.

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child labor in Assam [2018]


Causes of child labor in Assam

1. Poverty: – Child labor is a socio-economic problem. This is true that it badly influences human society but one thing we have to admit and that thing is- it born through poverty.

There are so many parents in Assam, who even cannot fulfill the daily needs of their children. Such parents send them to work somewhere and earn for living. 

These things are still happening in Assam, where little kids leave their schools at the age of 5-6. And they go working in hotels, tea shops, beggaring and stone breaking companies etc. [This is so sad and embarrassing to listen for an educated person].


2. Improper Implementation of Act’s: – To prevent infant laboring there are many acts and laws are made in India. But these acts are not really fulfilling its goals in a high quantity of places. 

In Assam, the implementation of these act’s in a very lower stage. Here is the one thing to remember, the only government can’t alone fulfill it, the public of the state will also have to co-operate with them. 

Because of illiteracy so many people don’t even know that child laboring is a crime.  So this reason is still remaining as a key factor in the increasing number of child labor in Assam.


3. Immigration for seeking work: – The 3rd cause is the Immigration for seeking work.  Each year a very large number of people been immigrating to Assam from its neighbor countries like Bangladesh. 

Because of poverty, these people come here for seeking food and shelter. Therefore, they always stand ready to do any work. They have no education and no such ideas on birth control too. 

At the end of the result, they birth many children’s to whom they cannot afford even their daily needs. When their kids pass the age of 5 or 6 they send them to work at still factories, hotels, tea stalls as child labors. 

So immigration is another a big cause of this social problem.

child labor in Assam


4. Improper education: – Improper education system always misguides people of a society. By paper-pen, many people are well educated but actually, they are not. 

It is necessary to know for the people that children’s are the future of their country. How their country will grow if people have not become able to understand that child laboring will destroy the future of the children and nations too. 

The social responsibility mindset of most people is not very upward in Assam. So, Lack of social responsibility mindset is another a big cause of child labor in Assam.


Solutions against Assam child labor problem

There are many ways to solve social problems but it is our responsibility to find out the bests. So here I will share with you four ways to solve child laboring from this state: – 

  • Developing entrepreneurial skill among people. It will help people to earn for own self and grow up from poverty. When parents will earn then their children will become free from the tension of laboring. [Because we birth them and that is why it is our duty to let them grown up]
  • The 2ndpoint is related to prevent illegal immigration. Actually, most of the child labors are not from Assam origin. Majority of them are illegal immigrants.
  • Proper education against child laboring. People have to understand that it is a crime and completely against the prestige and dignity of their society and also humanity.
  • Governments have to be stricter against this social foe. If anybody in the state or country try to support it then he/she will have to be punished very hard.

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