Causes of the unemployment problem in Assam- An Introduction


There are a lot really a lot of causes of the unemployment problem in Assam, but before we start I want to ask you a question.

Hey, do you want more and more money?

oh, come on this is so stupid question that I am asking you.

of course, who doesn’t want too? I also want to make Multi-Million overnight (This is natural).

But is it Possible to make it overnight, Maybe not!

Because to earn some bucks one needs to do real hard work.

But, what will happen if there is no choice to select a particular work?

Umm…..yes, its unemployment.

So, today in this post we will learn 7 amazing causes on the unemployment problem of Assam, which is also a very special state of north-east India.


are you interested to explore the problem?

If you really are, then let’s start this with………..[Don’t worry I am not going to write a long essay on it and make you bor]


7 Amazing causes of the unemployment Problem in Assam

1. Unskilled People: – Assamese people are not highly skilled to do different types of technical skill-based jobs. Basically, they are too weak in technical sides.

This is the reason why most Assamese youngsters only depend on govt jobs.

Dependency upon government job is as a character among its youths. But the problem is govt jobs in the state is like to find water in the ‘Thar desert’ in today’s time. 

So, No Technical Skill +No Govt Job = Unemployment 

Now, let’s move into the next point of this burning issue…………

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2. Immigration: – Is immigration good or not?

Of course, all the thing depends upon what type of people immigrating to the land. 

Are they rich or poor? or are they upward or backward type?

If immigrants really contain skills, richness and upward thinking then it impacts positively, where they immigrate. 

But when immigrants do not contain these character sticks or contain its opposite character sticks then they create some problems to the state or the country to where they transfer.

Today Assam also facing the same problem through illegal immigration. This has been happening since a very long time, from its neighbor countries like Bangladesh and other Indian states.

These immigrants are job and shelter seekers. Because of this reason, they are not providing higher positive values to the state. On the other hand, they are taking away all the job opportunities from its old local residence.

So this is also another important cause of the unemployment problem in Assam.

Now, Let’s go for the 3rd fact……..

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causes of the unemployment problem in Assam

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4. Believe Process: – Assamese people has not been changing themselves with time. This is the 21st century and the age of modernity. [It is also a characteristic of its economic elements]

Their thought process is still not so modern, among most of the people blind belief is their main character.

They never try to think something unusual. Govt job dependency is one of the major problems of Assam and its youngsters.

A well-educated person can’t even think to become an entrepreneur. They always try to find jobs in Indian Railway’s, Banking sectors and clerical fields etc.

Because of less entrepreneur’s, there is fewer Jobs creation in the state. And because of less job’s, there is a high unemployment level.

Educated unemployment in Assam is really a major issue in contemporary Assamese society.

Now, point 5……


5. Unconscious about Career: – 90% of students are not conscious of

their carrier. They have no particular goal in their life that they want to achieve.

Students go to school and colleges and that’s all; after finishing formal education they find nothing to do. 

This is the system of today’s Assam carrier and education system. 

Assam’s education system has not become able to create entrepreneurs in the state and even it’s not compatible too.

So you tell me now how unemployment will be demolished with these conditions.

Just think yourself……..

7 Amazing causes of the unemployment problem in Assam

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6. population growth: –  Immigration from Bangladesh and other Indian states creating a massive population in this small north-eastern state.

Assam Map is quite smaller to observe its day by day growing population.

With a growing number of population; the job offers have not been growing yet.

So, this is also a cause of destroying growth potentialities of employment. Do you know there were more than 35 lanks of unemployed youth in Assam in the year 2018?

This is the really horrible rate of all time.

Awesome, now the last one…..


7. Central Government Role: – This is very sad for Assam and other North-Eastern states that Indian central govt takes less care to them as they take care of another state of the Indian union.

There is no doubt that Assamese people are completely India from their heart and soul. 

But it seems because of some political reasons and the less number of seats in Indian parliament they take less care to Assam and another north-eastern state as they care for other Indian states of the mainland.

So, less importance means = less economic growth and less economic growth = less employment growth.  



Problems are very common among people because of its a character of human society. But it all depends on the people how they respond to it.

I hope you liked the points we discussed the causes of the unemployment problem in Assam.

If you really are then don’t forget to comment below and let us know about it.

Thank you for reading this post.


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