The Bwisagu festival of Bodo’s in Assam


The Bwisagu festival is one of the most significant festival, followed by the Bodo’s of Assam

The Bodo community is the largest scheduled tribe community in the state. And that is why it takes a lot of importance to the people and to the culture of the state Assam.

Generally, the Bwisagu festival falls at that time, when the Rongali Bihu celebrated around the whole state. At the same time, other states like Punjab organizes Baisakhi.

The time of adhering to Bwisagu is April month. According to Asomiya (Assamese) calendar, it falls in the month of Bohag.

The Bwisagu festival of Bodo’s in Assam


The Purpose of Assam’s Bwisagu Festival

This festival is quite similar to Rongali Bihu. For an example – As it is done for the cows on the first day of Rongali Bihu, in the same way, in Bwisagu, the cows are offered too much care with new ties and bringing bath. 

At this Bwisagu festival younger’s offer, their reverence towards their elders. And the newly married couple takes the blessings for their future life happiness by touching their parents’ feet. 

Seeing these characteristics it’s not impossible to compare Bwisagu with Rongali Bihu. People of the Bodo community are mostly Shiva devotees

That is why these people worship ‘Bathou’ during this festival time. Bathou means ‘lord Shiva’. 

These people worship to satisfy their adoration. In this worship, Bodo people try to satisfy their Bathou deity by using rice wine, chicken and pork meat.

Just as Husori performed during Rongali Bihu, Bodo people also organize dance and songs in Bwisagu as well. Its name is very famous among the people of Assam, which is popular as ‘Bagurumba’. 

Women of the community collectively perform their traditional dance and sing ‘Bagurumba Hai Bagurumba’. 

Men play different musical instruments such as – Serja, Sifung, Tharkha, Khum etc. 

Through this dance and songs, Bodo people try to connect their relationship with nature and even try to signify that they are the sons of nature. 

Bodo people try to satisfy their adorable god Shiva (Bathou) through this dance. 

It is true that it is not possible to get Shiva in front of the head. Therefore these people consider the Size tree’ as the symbol of Shiva during these days.



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