8 Main Beautiful Things to Know About the Bodo Tribe


Now we are going to know about the most beautiful tribal people of Assam- the Bodo Tribe.


Don’t worry, I will not let you be bored………

Here we will learn 8 main beautiful things about this tribal community.

So, let’s dive right into……

  1. History
  2. Language
  3. Religion
  4. Festivals
  5. Food
  6. Dress
  7. Population
  8. Surnames etc.
The Bodo Tribe {8 Main Beautiful Things to Know}


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Ok, now the time to show you, exactly why Bodo people are the most beautiful people of Assam.

So, the first one is………


The Bodo Tribe History

All the things existing in the world has its own history, Bodo people too.

Do you know that Bodo’s are the oldest people living in Assam state?


You will not believe but I have to explain to you that those are the people, who first started doing paddy cultivation in the land of Assam.

It is a Linguistic and Ethnic tribal group.

Generally, these people are belonging to the Mongolian ethnic group, who came to the Brahmaputra Valley from Tibeto-China region.

Nowadays most of Bodo people are living in some areas of West Bengal and Nepal (Excluding Assam). At there, Bodo’s mainly defined by the term ‘Mech’.

In Assam, they have been living in so many districts like Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, Goalpara, Dhemaji, and Karimganj etc.

the bodo tribe festivals



Basically, Bodo language is coming from the Tibeto-Chinese language family.

Once it was written in ‘Deodhai’ script but contemporary, the form has lost with the changing of time.

Till 1963, it has been scripted in Assamese and Latin form but after 1963 Bodo Sahitya Sabah decided to change the trend.

Do you know which scriptural form used now a day’s to write Bodo language?


Its Devanagari Scriptural form, Devanagari is also their official Scriptural system.

 [Click on the link to know more what Devanagari form is]

At present time Bodo people are demanding separate Bodoland for protecting their culture and language.

You should know that In Bodoland autonomous council the Bodo language is its official language (Instead it is a part of Assam).

Now the next point………


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Bodo Tribe’s Religion

In old times these people practiced Bathouism, where they worshiped their ancestors (or forefathers). In this religion lord, Bathou was their supreme deity for worship.

Do you know who considered as lord Bathou?

Actually, Bathou is non-other than, but Lord Shiva.

Here, the Sizu tree taken as the symbol of lord Bathou and worshiped by them on different occasions.

Bathou worship was going on until the end of the 20th century in their societies. But today, a few decades back, the social reformation movement (Brahma Dharma) has significantly reduced the importance of the Bathou worship among these people.

Today, most Bodo people have started accepting the Hindu religion. Where today it’s 90.31% Bodo’s are from Hindu, 9.40% Christian and 0.29% others.

So, I hope you get it……Now let’s move into the point number 4.

Bodo tribe dress


The Bodo Tribe’s Festivals

Each and every society existing in the world has celebrated some of their own unique festivals. This tribal community also has some of its own fairs too.

The most important and beautiful celebrated during springtime they have a traditional festival called Bwisagu.

According to some scholars, Bwisagu festival is the Bodo version of Assam’s most popular Rongali Bihu because these both festivals are celebrated at the same time of every year’s April month. Not only that but also both of these have the same purposes of supporting mating activities.

Excluding Bwisagu some other festivals are:-

Hapsa Hatarnai: – This is such a festival which is followed when Bodo’s enter their new home for the very first time. Generally, it’s celebrated with the company of neighbors.

Wngkham Gwrlwi Janai: – This is quite similar to the Assamese Nokhua festival. The meaning of Wngkham Gwrlwi Janai is when these people collectively eat food, which they produced for the first time in every year.



Traditional Bodo tribe food list:-

  • Rice
  • Fish
  • Pork Meat
  • Rice Beer or ‘Zou’
  • Vegetables etc.


1. Aronai: – A beautiful multicolored designed small scarf, used in daily life by Bodo people. This is not only for men, either not only for women too; because both men and women use it when needed.

There is a saying from a very long time that in ancient ages Bodo worriers used this cloth as a belt in the battlefields.


2. Jwmgra: – Jwmgra is a scarf of women wearing, used to cover the upper portion of the body. It is a beautiful multicolored long scarf.


3. Dokhona:  Dokhona is another dress of Bodo women wearing. In size Dokhona is quite a long cloth, used to wear from chest portion to the legs.

Basically, there are two Dokhona, one is plain and another is designed. Plain Dokhona’s are very simple but designed Dokhona’s are very colorful and beautiful.

Population (in Assam)

Census report 1991: – 12 lakh population, which was 5.3% of the whole state’s population.

Census report 2001: – 20.43 lakh, which means it was increased 8.43 lakh than 1991.

Census report 2011: – 30.15 lakh total population, [increased about 50% till 2011 since 2001].



10 most popular Bodo tribe Surnames:-

  1. Basumatary
  2. Mohilary
  3. Mech
  4. Bodo
  5. Khaklari
  6. Borgoyari
  7. Hazowari
  8. Uzir
  9. Ishwary
  10. Owary


Now, you tell me what you think about the Bodo people.

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