Birds of Assam


There are about a thousand different birds species live in Assam state.

And as I can understand, you are coming here to discover these all beautiful species. [Right]

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9 [Awesome] Different Bird Species of Assam

Birds of Assam


1. Black Winged Stilt: – This is a small bird with long-legged and black color winged. According to ornithologists, Black Winged Stilt belongs to Stilt family.

(Stilt is a type of bird species, where birds have long legs and lives generally in the warm climate in wetlands. In Assam we generally have seen them in rice agro-fields)


  • Height: – Highest range 33-36 cm.
  • Legs Color: – Pink.
  • Head Color: – White.
  • From Chest to Abdomen: – White.
  • Wing Color: – Black.
Brahminy Duck of Assam


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2. Brahminy Duck: – Brahminy Duck is a beautiful migratory bird, generally found in the bird reserves of Assam or different parts of India.

[In the Assamese language we call them ‘Bamuni Haah’]

In winter season this migratory duck flew arrive at the Indian Sub-continent from Southeastern Europe and Central Asia.

Though this is known as Brahminy Duck in India, but in other parts of the world, this beautiful flew known as Ruddy Shelduck.


  • Species: – Anatidae Family (Ducks, Geese, and Swans) and Distinctive Waterfowls.
  • Length: – 58-70 cm.
  • Body Color: – Orange Brown.
  • Tail and Flight Wing: – Black Color.
Greater Adjutant Stork of India


3. Greater Adjutant Stork: – This is a large bird from Stork family, mostly founded in Assam and some places Cambodia. This is considered as the largest bird from the stork family.

(Stork family birds are generally large in size and stout in Bills. They have long legs and a long neck)

There are also two related genus includes in Asia and Africa, where one is Lesser Adjutant and another is Marabou Stork of Africa.

(We generally call them ‘Bortukula’ in Assam. People fear to this large bird that it will eat up all there duck pullets.) 


  • Height: – 145-150 cm.
  • Head: – Bare Head.
  • Wing Color: – Black.
  • Neck Color: – Red
Asian pied starling


4. Asian pied starling: – Asian Pied Starling or Pied Myna is a small bird belongs to Starling species.

In Assam, it’s common to see at everyone’s home, because this bird is quite familiar with human and other animals.

Excluding Assam, Asian Pied Starling is highly founded in other different parts of Indian Sub-Continent and some other parts of Southeast Asia.

(We local people called it as ‘City Halika’)


  • Whole Body Color: – Black and white.
  • Height: – 10-13 cm
  • Head: – Black and White mix
  • Wing Color: – Black and White mix.
Bar Headed Goose


5. Bar Headed Goose: – It is a bird from Anatidae family, founded in wildlife sanctuaries of Assam.

This Anatidae family bird has migratory characteristics. 

In spring season it lives in the mountain lakes of Central Asia but in the winter season, it moves to the areas of South Asian regions.

(Highly Known as ‘Deo Haah’)


  • Size: – Large
  • Height: – 71-76 cm
  • Body Color: – Pale Grey
  • Head Color: – White Color Head with Black Bars.
Brown Owl


6. Brown Owl (Fesa): – This is a Sub-Species of Tawny Owl family. Brown owl is a grey colored bird with a medium size and round wings plus short tails.

Generally found in the woodlands of Assam and different parts of north-east India such as Nagaland.

Alcedinidae or Kingfisher


7. Kingfisher: – Alcedinidae or Kingfisher is a beautiful small bird, lives on fishing and eating small insects. This is a colorful bird from Coraciiform group.

(In the Assamese language, we call it ‘Massuruka’. The name ‘Massuruka’ is a composition of two different words. Here ‘Mass’ means fish and ‘Ruka’ means hunter. It is one of among the haunting species)


  • Length: – 10 cm
  • Weight: – 9 to 12 Grams
  • Body Color: – Multi-Colored.


8. Yellow Billed Hornbill: – Yellow Billed Hornbill mostly lives in woodland areas; It is from a part of the Hornbill family.

This bird mainly searches for food on the grounds because it lives on small insects, ants, scorpions, and spiders. Yellow Billed Hornbill also eats tree seeds as their food.

(In the Assamese language we call ‘Hornbill’ as Dhaneswar Paxi)


  • Size: – Medium
  • Weight: – 132 to 242 grams.
  • Beak Size: – Large
Greater Cormorant


9. Large Cormorant: – This is a medium size bird of Cormorant family. It has also many other Sub-species, like black Cormorant and black Shag Cormorant etc.

The large cormorant species is mostly founded in India.


  • Whole Body Color: – Black.
  • Weight: – 1.5 Kg to 3.5 Kg.
  • Size: – Medium.


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