Bare Saharia Bhaona festival of Assam


Bhaona is a traditional drama festival of Neo-Vaishnavite culture of Assam. Very first inaugurated by the great Assamese Saint Mahapusura Srimanta Sankardeva.

To spare the Neo-Vaishnavism among the people of the state the saint invented this unique form of drama. Through this relegious drama form, he tried to promote this religious belief among the people of the state. 

Actually, This Bhaona is a play where Bhaoria’s try to show the blessings and the great activities of Lord Bishnu.  

As like this Bare Saharia Bhaona is also a type of Bhaona but it celebrates only once in every five years. 

The exact place of this festival is Sonitpur (Tezpur) district’s Jamugurihat

If you have any Interest to enjoy this festival then I recommend you to visit Jamugurihat for once in your life.

Ok, now I will tell what it actually means……….

The complete sentence “Bare Saharia Bhaona” consist, Bare (an Assamese word) means too many and Saharia means People. 

In one word the Bare Saharia Bhaona consist a festival or a program of Bhaona, where too many people come or gather to enjoy the Bhaona show.

Bare Saharia Bhaona of Assam


History of Assam ’s Bare Saharia Bhaona festival

It is quite controversial because nobody really knows when this festival was first inaugurated. 

Many intellect and analyzer of Assamese culture want to say that this was very first started at Jamugurihat of Sonitpur district, within the year 1797 to 1798.

But still, there is no written proof on this issue. 

It has been assumed that at the beginning of it Kaliabar’s Hezeri Bhona and Kamrup’s Baregoyan Bhaona was in touch with this festival.

Since the beginning this fest, it completed 221 years and celebrates 24 sessions till now and still in very active mode with modernity.


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