Bagurumba Dance of Bodo ‘s


Assam is a hub of multicultural activities. Here there are a lot of community lives in. such as Mishing, Ahom, Kachari, Rabha, Chetia, Matak and Bodo’s etc.

As like multiple communities, there are also multi-cultural activities happened in this state. 

Among those cultural activities, Bagurumba dance of Bodo’s is the major one. So in this post, I will tell you a little bit about this beautiful dance.

So let’s start this………..


What is Bagurumba Dance of Bodo’s?

Bagurumba is a native folk dance of Bodo people. It generally performs during Bwishagu festival. 

This is a traditional dance passing successively through one generation to others among Bodo people. 

Generally, this Bwishagu festival falls in the mid of April month. And at that time this dance performed as a sign or an abstract of this traditional festival.

Bagurumba dance is usually performed by women’s at very slow speed. 

But above its slow motion, it is one of the most attractive dance festivals of Assam state after Bihu.

According to some cultural research, this dance is highly related to nature. Because it has been performing over a thousand years by Bodo people; when they completely lived in the world of nature.

According to the researches, this dance been signifying the symbols of birds, animals, river, and winds.



In Which Places of Assam Bagurumba Dance is Highly Performed by Bodo ‘s?

The dance is highly performed by Bodo’s is highly performed in the Bodo inhabited areas such as  Kokrajhar, Baksa, Bongaigaon, Udalguri, Nalbari, Darang, Sonitpur, Chirang etc.



The Bagurumba dance of the Bodo people is famous all over Assam today. 

But due to the effect of modernity, Bodo people have started losing some of the most important elements of this beautiful culture. 

Nobody can say what will happen next. 

But today we can say with the claim that the Bagurumba Dance of Bodo people is the energy of their culture.

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