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What do you think about the future of Assamese language? Do you know at present, the population of Assam is around 35 million? 

And this large amount of the population is made up of a mixture of different castes, religions, and languages. 

Most of the people in the state (about 50%) who are made up with a mixture of different castes, religions, and languages do not have any basic origin from Assam. Some people have come from other states of India and some people have come from other countries near India, such as Bangladesh. 

In spite of being a bizarre culture, no discrimination between the communities of different languages, religion, and caste’s has been shown in this state till the end of 20th century.

But at the very beginning of the 21st century, there has been a huge crisis fall down over the old tongue of this state. People who speak a language consider it as a crisis of caste. 

Asomia is the old tongue of the state. But it has been seen that almost two decades back, people who speak in this tongue are starting to decrease gradually in number. According to a study conducted in 2018 – In 2001 there were approximately 56.08% of people speaking Assamese in Assam. But it decreased to 49.09% in 2018. 

This is really a huge disruption for the old tongue. Do you want to know why the Assamese language is getting fall down so much, though it is the main language of the land? So, today I will share with you five basic reasons for number reduction and the potentialities for the bad future of Assamese language. 

assamese language future


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Assamese language bad future [5 Basic Reasons]

1. The Aggression of Hindi and Bengali: – The very first reason is the aggression of Hindi and Bengali. According to language science professors, Assamese language history is very same with Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati languages. (All are born from the same Indo-Aryan family)

For this reason, the number of people who speaking Asomia in Assam till today does not have much trouble in speaking Hindi and Bengali. 

The number of Hindi-speaking people in Assam is increasing day by day. Now Bengali has become a power in the region due to high immigration from Bangladesh. 

And today it is defeating the Assamese language in its own land. Maybe this outsider element will create some issues for its mother tongue in future. Because cultural history has always been dominated by the powerful element’s.


2. Globalization: – The 2nd biggest challenge is the speed of Globalization. It is like a haunting bird (example-eagle) which kills small birds easily for fulfilling own satisfaction. 

Today globalization is highly spared all over the world and as we know this is especially leading by powerful western countries. If we talk about language then English is very popular and highly used at today’s time. Therefore it is the most influential language for all countries. 

Assamese is also influenced by English. Many words of Asomia are today spoken by using English. Even if you search in google for an Assamese language website, it will also be shown in English (This is really a thing of Facetious). So this is a sign that it being an issue at present.


3. Generation Problem: – A language remains alive only then people who talk to that language, respect it. Today, Speaking English in Asomia society has become a fashion. 

Have you ever seen that parents of Assamese society force their children to learn and speak English? I have seen many parents doing this torture with their children. Today many children don’t even know how to write and read in their own language. 

[Some parents also think that learning the Assamese language is like a shame to them]

But the parent’s feel proud that his/her child doesn’t know Assamese but an expert in English. Can you believe a language will survive there where it gets no respect?


4. Lack of Unity: – To keep a language safe and alive, it is necessary for the defenders to stay always uniform and powerful. 

Latterly some issues of clash and inconvenience condition came into notice in Assam Sahitya Sabha. These issues creating some very bad impression among people on their viewpoint to the great organization of the state. 

Can you believe a team of an army will be able to protect their nation if they will create clashes among themselves own? So Assam Sahitya Sabha will have to be uninformed again to protect their identity. Because they are the Armies of Assamese language.


5. Education Problem: – The most powerful element of a language is education. A child always stays loyal with a language which he learned through education from his childhood period. 

But today Assam’s education system is changing its trend and taking new paths of English and Hindi. If this happens without any interruption then I think it will definitely harm the future of Assamese language.




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