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Hey, do you know all about the traditional tasty Assamese food items? If you do then its ok, but if you don’t then it’s great!

because exactly the same thing here I am going to share with you today in this post. [which is Assamese food recipe’s]

So, let’s do this…………..

Food is a lovable thing to everyone and the lovability goes to the next level when the concept of tasty food comes in front of us.

There are different varieties of tasty foods eaten all over the world. Here some are veg and some are non-veg. But above all one main thing comes, which is ‘Culture’.

Yes, culture my friend. [But hey wait, don’t forget to let me know; are you veg or a super non-veg?]

By the way, let’s go for our today’s topic. Today our main topic is about 6 most tasty food recipes of traditional Assamese society.

[With this I will also tell you about some beautiful and tasty sweets]

In the following, I will explain to you about these awesome items, which are very tasty and also popular among the people of the state.

So, let’s go…….boom !………..

Assamese food Items [6 Most Tasty]


6 Most Tasty Assamese food Items

1. Bamboo Shoot with Duck meat: – It is quite strange but Bamboo Shoot with Duck meat is a very popular Assamese ethnic food.

Even there is a poem composed of this ‘Haahe-Bahe’ word. Each year Assamese people eat this food at least for once (minimum).

Maybe, it does not suit everyone because the taste is quite different.

But I recommend you to try this variety for once in your life. (Another Name Haahe-Bahe, here Haahe= Duck and Bahe=Bamboo Shoot)

Bamboo Shoot with Duck meat (Haahe-Bahe)


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2. Pork meat and Brown Rice: – This is also a meaty food. For those people who loved to eat pork meat, the combination of brown rice becomes very delightful to them.

Especially in this dish, the pork meat is cooked with ‘Khorisa Tenga’ and potato (Slightly gravy type, do you like gravy?). And the Brown rice cooked very beautifully (By non-sticky method).

After the cooking completed the dish presented with some ‘Apong’ or ‘Haz’ (Rice beer).

So, the combination of Pork meat and Brown rice also could be counted as one of the best traditional food dishes of Assamese culture. (Another Name Ukhuaa Chawal aru Gahori manxho)

[Things to know: – Many Assamese people also include this recipe in their marriage food menu]

Assamese Pork Recipe

3. Khorisa Tenga with Pura mass: – Khorisa is a very ancient food, which is also considered as a part of the Mongolian culture.

[Khorisa is made from Bamboo Shoot] 

Most Assamese people do not know whether this food is good for the body or not. But above all, we must assume that these people love the type of food very much and eat it with a great will.

In this delightful dish, first the fish burnt into the burning fire, and after that, the fish is mixed with Khorisa Tenga, salt, pepper, Coriander, and little bit mustard oil.

After these all done it is generally eaten with ‘Poita Bhaat’(Drowning rice) with a very traditional passion. (Another Name Burned fish with Khorisa Tenga).


4. Pitha (Rice made snack variety): – The food, because of which Assamese culture is famous all over India is Pitha. It is a traditional rice snack.

Usually eaten with tea and coffee. Nobody really knows when and how this dish was first started to cook.

But some people claim that this food is in the origin with West Bengal’s traditional snacks. 

Pitha has several varieties; they are like cooked and non-cooked, fried and boiled etc. Same popular Pitha’s varieties:- Til Pitha, Tel Pitha, Hutuli Pitha, and Pat Pitha etc.

[Can I tell you something, my friend? Pitha is not just a dish but it is the emotion of Assamese people, In the following, I show you how ‘Tel pitha’ look likes]

Silkworm (Muga Leta)


5. Silkworm (Muga Leta): – Silkworm or Muga Leta is a greedy and tasty dish in Assamese society.

Especially this tasty Nutritive belongs to Mongolian culture. In Assam, tribal community people eat this food in very high quantity.

Believe me, I am not joking, this is one of the best tastier traditional foods of ethnic Assamese culture.

Generally cooked through frying in deep oil, this is crunchy on the outside and very softy in inside. I can make sure you; if you try it once then in future you will not be able to forget it forever.

[In traditional method it is eaten with Apong or Haz].


6. Buffalo Yogurt and Soft Rice: – Have you ever taste Buffalo Yogurt? Oh, it tastes amazing. And have ever eaten the combination of Yogurt and Soft Rice.

I can’t explain to you and you even can’t imagine how tastier it is.

Buffalo Yogurt and Soft Rice is also a popular dish of Assam; eaten at different times as a dish of enjoyment.

Especially during the Magh Bihu and Bohag Bihu season, it comes in a trend in Assamese society.

There is a belief among Assamese people if they don’t eat this food at the time of Bihu, then there is no real enjoyment of Bihu actually comes into their homes. (Traditional name Mohor Doi aru Kumol Chawal).


Assamese Sweets

Tel Pitha, assamese ethnic food

1. The Tel Pitha: – ‘Tel Pitha’ is a variety of Pitha’s. ‘Tel Pitha’ cooked by frying in deep mustard oil. Generally, to make this recipe mustard oil (Metha Tal), Jaggery (Gur), Rice flour are the main things, which is needed.

However, nowadays people also use some butter to make some extra texture in it.

Narikolor laru aur gur

2. Narikol aru Guror Laru: – Beautiful and tasty sweet, which is made with a mixture of Jaggery and coconut. Believe me, this beautiful sweet dish will make your heart and mind delightful. 



So, these all are the main traditional foods of Assamese culture, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestion or query related to the article then please comment me in the comment section below.

And of course, tell me, when you will try it. 

Thank you.


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