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The Assamese film industry had an age once; we can fairly say,  the age was the golden period for the film industry

Personalities like Joytiprasad Agarwala, Bishnu Prasad Rabha, and Bhupen Hazarika were the leading drivers. 

People were excited to enjoy the upcoming movies. But suddenly what happened that the whole industry had almost become fallout with depression.

So, hello friends I am Akash and…………….  

Today I am going to share with you 10 main reasons why the Assamese film industry drops down or almost fallout. 

assamese film

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Assamese film depression and competition – 10 main reasons 


1. Low Traffic: – If we look deeply at the map of Assam, We can easily understand how really smaller it is. I don’t want to say that the geographic Shortfall is only the cause. But with it the less number of Assamese speaking people also a major cause of this drop down. 

There only about 1.5 crore people in the land; who are familiar with the Assamese language. In that case, lack of traffic source has been creating some prevention on the way of this industry’s growth.

Now the reason number 2……….


2. The Popularity of Hindi Film’s: – Every year there is around 1500 to 3000 films are made and released in the Bollywood film industry. The popularity of commercial Hindi films growing day by day among the people of the state.

Today people love to watch films with thrill, action and 18 plus content. Hence they are starting to avoid watching beautiful moral films created by Assamese filmmakers.

Now the cause number 3…………

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3. Expansion of Bengali movies: – If you approach the population structure Assam then you will find, only 48 percent of the land people are purely Assamese. Once this percentage was quite higher but at present, it decreasing very rapidly.  

Immigration from Bangladesh and other Indian state is the main cause of it. Most of 52 percent people are Bengali speaking. Therefore Bengali culture and language’s are expanding day by day in the state. 

Those people don’t prefer to watch its regional films. Because they are not birth fully Assamese speaking. They love to watch Bengali movies. So, I think this is another reason, why it is discouraging the growth of the film industry.

Next point is quite familiar with us, Yes………...


4. The Growth of the Internet: – In 2016 Mukesh Ambani launched his highly planned Jio communication. This was like a boom of Internet revolution in the digital world of India. 

Now a day’s people can beneficially use Jio network to communicate with each other. Internet service by Jio also influenced whole India and of course Assam too. By using the low cost of internet service people can easily watch videos, movies and many more things from their home. 

I am not saying Jio only doing all these great things alone but it must be admitted that Jio has a vast impact on India’s digital entertainment field. Because of the high-cost, people prefer to stay and watch movies from home instead of going to the cinema hall. The growth of the internet also pulling down the Assamese film industry too.


5. Youtubeism: – YouTube is one of the easiest and the most popular platforms in today’s time. Nobody has to pay even a cent of money to get entertained by this platform. 

Not only in Assam but in the whole of India, the popularity of Youtube growing day by day after Jio comes. Content related comedy videos, news, tourism, and Assamese films are easily founded on YouTube. 

Though one loves to watch Assamese movies, he/she watch it on YouTube rather than to go to the cinema hall and pay more. This internet boom almost destroying the filmmakers of the Industry.

Assamese film depression and competition

Special thanks to the source

6. Traditional content: – Human has a natural character that they always want something new. A thing makes human bore or irritates when sees it multiple times. The Assamese films have also the same problem. 

They have not been trying to change themselves for a long time. Time changed but they are still unable to leave traditional contents. Here the example of Darwin will be fitted perfectly. What did he say? He said that evolution is necessary to survive in the competitive world. Those species who will not change themselves with time, will completely extinct from this planet.

I think Assamese film is in the same condition at present. If they not will amend on content or they will be finished.


7. Piracy:- Piracy is a common word in the film industry. Pirates steal films from the filmmakers and sell at a very low price to gain high profit. They don’t even care for the hard work and sweat of the people related to it. So, Piracy is really a big reason for the failure of the film industry.

I think here the government will have to be tougher to solve this problem.


8. High competition: – Do you know why south Indian movies are more successful than Assamese movies?

Maybe 90% of people don’t try to think the real cause of it. So I want to tell that……..

There is an originating reason behind it. Actually, the origin of Assamese language is connected with the source of the origin of other north, east, west Indian languages, which belong to Indo-Aryan language family. 

Therefore, people from these three regions easily understand Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati etc. 

Whenever a film made in Hindi or these regional languages people can understand and can see it easily; 

that thing creates high competition in this regional perspective but south Indian language comes from a different source, which is Dravidian. Therefore their film faces less competition because people are unable to understand other languages except for English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telegu. 

So, High competition in the film industry extremely ruining  Assamese films.


9. Unconscious government: – Assam government has no big role in developing the platform. This is not only I am, who saying this but in different times many artists belong to it complain in social media, electronic media and in such other platforms that government not supporting them as they should be.


10. Lack of cinema hall: – This film industry was born in 1935. Joymati is still honored as the first film of the state, directed and produced by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala. Assamese cinema left 83 long years from its beginning time. But it is still very sad about seeing less growth in the industry. Did you know, from 1935 to 2018, there is only 33 cinema hall in Assam?

So you tell me now, how will it grow with this such condition.



So, it’s your turn to tell me what do you think about this issue. Comment below, I am excited to know what do you think about it?


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