Legendary Assamese Film Actress


Assamese film actress has been playing a very significant role in the development of the movie industry since the time of its beginning.

This is true that a society grows only then when women co-operate with it. 

Please don’t angry at me………..(For Men’s)

But I think…….

Men cannot do anything alone. This same theory works on the platform of the Assamese film industry.

If we look in the past of this venue then we found that 1st Assamese film was made on and even with a woman; 

Oh, come on……You know it all. 

Yes! it was Joymati. 

Joymati released in 1935, here Aideo Handique played the main featured role. 

Therefore today Aideo Handique is known as the first Assamese Assamese film of the industry.

She sacrificed her life to develop this film industry by her first and last historic film Joymati. 

Do you know how and why?

Ok, I will explain to you…………..

At that time the belief system of the traditional Assamese society was very narrow-minded, hence she had to pass her whole life as an unmarried woman or alone. Nobody came further to marry her for some stupid social beliefs. 

Legendary Assamese Film Actress


Ok in further reading I will explain you the main fact about this cause.

Today we should respect her not only as the first Assamese actress but also as she was a revolutionary woman against some unfair social beliefs.

In this post, we will learn about 5 main leading actresses of the Assamese film industry. Who were and still are contributing too much to the growth of the platform.

So let’s do this…………

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Legendary Assamese Film Actress -Beginning Age

1.Aideo Nilambar Handique: – First I am going to tell about the mother actress of the industry, yes you get it ! she was Aideo Handique.

Her full name was Aideo Nilambar Handique. She was born in 1915 June month in Golaghat district. Father was Nilambar Handique and mother Laxmi Handique.

Aideo Handique played Joymati role in the film Joymati, this was a very sad story, why she remained as unmarried. Actually, Joymati was the wife of Godapani and Aideo Handique played the role of the wife of Godapani ;

In this case, she became a virtual married woman for the society, where she lived; though it was only in reel life (not in real), therefore nobody later accepts to marry her. 

She sacrificed herself and today she is honored as the first legendary  Assamese actress of the industry.


2. Raseswari Baruah: – Raseswari Baruah was another legendary actress. she was born in Agartala in 1919.

Her first featured film was Indramalati.  You already know that Joyti Prasad Agarwala produced first Assamese film.

Indramalati was also another great contribution of him and this was the 2nd film of the industry. In Indramalati, Joyti prasad Agarwala launched her as the main leading actress. 

assamese film actress


Legendary Assamese Film Actress- Modern Times


The modern age is the age for new people. In this age, some changes come to the film industry, 

but this is an unwilling truth that this industry has not been making a huge growth since 1935 or from its beginning time.

[There are a lot of causes behind it, by the way in here we will not go to grab for other topics]

In this age, the industry producing many good actresses and they also are trying to lead it too to the next level. 

Here I will mention you about Three leading actresses of the new age.


1. Borsha Rani Besoia: – She was born in 1983 on 20 September. Apart from acting, she is also a beautiful Bihu dancer.

Borsha Rani is popular for her fabulous acting. She debuts in the industry in 1998 with  “Joubone Amoni Kore”. It was an absolute hit at that time.

Not only that…..but also

This film was the turning point of her carrier. She has done many featured roles till 2017. Borsha Rani Besoia last film Tumi Ahibane. 

It got a huge love and positive response from its audience.


2. Gayatri Mahanta: – Gayatri Mahanta is also a popular name among Assamese actresses. She is famous for her fabulous acting in Junbai’. Gayatri Mahanta is also called as Junbai (moon) heroine.

Here she played the main female leading role opposite of Nayan Nilim.


3. Rimpi Das: –  Rimpi Das is one of the most gorgeous actresses of Assam. She was born in 1984 at Tinsukia district. Rimpi das already appeared in too many films till now, among these films ‘Uronia Mon’, ‘Mon Jai’, ‘Gaane ki Anne’ are the most super hit films. In 2010 she also became a part of Assam’s popular theater industry ‘Kohinoor’.


Now it’s your turn

to tell me who is your favorite among all Assamese actress?


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