Assam tourism Potentialities  – An introduction


Assam tourism is one of the hottest topics in the state at present time. Recent year’s (2016-2018) state government launches many programs to make tourism much easier and exciting. 

One of them is “Awesome Assam” program, promoting with gorgeous Bollywood Superstar Priyanka Chopra. 

The state has a lot of potentialities to grow in the tourism sector. If you search in Google about the places to visit in Assam then you will find a long list of very beautiful places that will divert your mind completely to go and stay there for once. 

The main weapon of Assam tourism is Kaziranga, where tourist can find out its heritage one horn rhinoceros. This state is the mainland where the highest number of one horn rhinoceros lives in.

Do you want to know more about Assam tourism growth potentialities? 

Then today in this post I will share with you 5 main potential points, which will help you to understand the prospects of Assam tourism growth. 

So, just take a cup of tea and enjoy the article – 

Assam tourism Potentialities


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5 main Potentialities of Assam tourism

1. The doorway of North-East India: – My first and the main point is Guwahati. 


Because the capital of the state is situated in Guwahati (name Dispur).

Did you know this place is the doorway of north-east India? 

It means if a tourist comes to north-east India then they have to visit first in this place. And there are so many places to visit in Guwahati, such as Kamakhya temple, Nelachal Pahar, State central zoo and Umananda Island etc. 

I think these places will definitely attract tourist to visit there for once. Here the Kamakhya temple is the special attraction for tourists. 

So, I think the concept of north-east India’s doorway is the first potential booster of this state’s tourism sector development.

Now, let’s take a look on 2nd and 3rd booster…………one by one. 


2. One Horn Rhinoceros: – Second potential booster is Kaziranga national park

and its one-horned rhinoceros. 

There are a few places in this planet that a tourist can find out one-horned rhinoceros, here Kaziranga and Manas National Park are both the most famous.

[Some places of Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan; this animal is founded in very less number] 

Animal lovers are always attracted by this unique and giant animal and hence this is also a proud source for Assamese people. 

It should be promoted all over the world. A good promotional activity will definitely increase tourist visits in Assam.

The beauty of North-East India


3. The Low-Cost Tour: – The third point is the cheap destinations tour. You may think what I am talking about; actually, this is true.

Ok, let me explain you- Tourism can happen into two different ways, one is Intra-nation and another is Inter-nation. 

[If a person go to another country to travel then this is called Inter-nation and if he/she travels in his/her own country then this is called Intra-nation tour]

Suppose you go to travel in America, there you have to spend more money than to travel in India but if an American comes to travel in Assam or elsewhere in India then that person has to cost less money than to travel in America. 

The main cause of this phenomenon is the economic gap between the value of the dollar and the rupee. So, European and American foreigners can easily come for a tour in Assam at a very low cost. 

This could really be a great potential key factor in the future if the government focuses on its promotion and security of foreigners (Plus other problems and prospects).

4. The Natural Beauty of North-East India: – Do you like to enjoy the beauty of nature? Actually, who does not want, I also do too. If anyone existing in the world then he/she must be no better than a stone-hearted. 

North-east India is the hub of India’s natural beauty. Places like NEFA, Shillong has always been connected with people’s emotion. 

NEFA is located in Arunachal Pradesh and Shillong is located in Meghalaya. When people talk about north-east then a common view of seven sister’s state comes together in mind or in front of the eye. This view is generally very beautiful and support travel lovers thought process. 

When tourist thought to visit for north-east then they also thought to visit in Assam too. So this is the fourth point that I think about as a prospect.

What do you think?

Finally, we are in the last point………..let’s finish this.

Assam tourism

5. Impact of Globalization: – Last and fifth point is universal, which is called by the term ‘Globalization’

This is the age of globalization plus modernization and therefore the whole world becomes connected with each other, like a web of a Spider. 

Today everything could be making viral at social media, T.V channels and via many other ways. 

So, contemporary Assam’s tourism and its virtues are sparing day by day in all over the world. So, today there is a hope for the future that globalization will boost up more and more in the field of Assam tourism.



So, this is all in the post.

Now you find some ways and tell me in the comment box below about what do you think why Assam tourism will be successful?

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