9 MOST BEAUTIFUL [HUGE] – Assam Tea Gardens


It’s a thousand………..really…………thousands of tea gardens in Assam, and even growing on and on every day, very rapidly.

Are you looking for the most significant?………… Then you don’t worry, you are not alone.

In this post, I will tell you about 9 most beautiful plus huge tea gardens of Assam.

So, are you ready?

Then let’s go for it………..

Assam Tea garden Photos

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1. Cinamora: – Hey, do you know where Assam tea history was first written?

Yes, it’s Cinnamora; Founded by the great Assamese revolutionary Maniram Dewan, in 1850.

Cinnamora situated 10 km2 away from Jorhat district. If you interested to visit this tea garden then it might be proven very good for you.

Every year over hundreds of tourist from foreign countries come to here to see this beautiful history of Assam tea.

It really an ideal place for tea studies.


2. Singlou: – History of tea in Assam was really very struggling fill.

Sometimes this struggle against the British Empire and sometimes it was against lack of modern equipment.

Singlou tea garden is a great result of it, which has come out as a sign of that struggle’s fulfillment. 

Do you know who the founder of this tea garden was?


He was Maniram Dewan, who founded both Cinnamora and Singlou.

Singlou situated in Sivasagar district and today it is highly respected among the Assam tea garden list.

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tea garden pictures assam

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3. Tingalibaam: – Oh, it’s huge really huge…..

Last year, I went to Tingalibaan…..I can’t explain to you how big this tea estate is.

It’s over 800 hectares area land covered by this huge giant,

Isn’t it amazing?

Of course, it is.

Tingalibaan is really one of the leading Assam tea garden and company, where around thousands of employs (including tea garden labors) has been doing their job since a very long time.

Tingalibaan falls in Sonari area, which is a town and district headquarter of Charaideo district.

So, are you interested?

Let me know.

Ok, now let’s go to 4th ……


4. Sonapur Tea Estate: – Hey, did you hear about the Orthodox tea.

Orthodox is one of the premium tea brands, its tastes and smells so amazing.

If you did not listen about orthodox, then you must listen about Wagh Bakri brand.

Do you know who produces it?

It’s Sonapur tea estate.

This tea garden was established by Britishers in 1924, which situated very near to Guwahati city.

Sonapur garden is owned by Bhaduri tea family, they passed over three generations (around 100 years) but still running this business very successfully and nowadays they also supply tea to European countries.

tea garden pictures assam- sonapur

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5. Joonaktollee Tea Estate: – Assam is the largest producer of tea in India. Each year over 57% tea of whole India’s tea is produced by this state.


Because of some giants like Joonaktollee tea estates,


Because it is the largest single location modern tea factory of north-east India, which covers more than 7 kmarea of Barbam (A place of Dibrugarh district);

Each year this giant tea estate produce’s around 25 lakhs kgs of tea and supplies it to different countries of Asia and eastern Europe.



6. Manohari Tea Garden: – What are the main benefits of Assam tea?

It cannot be felt; until you try Manohari tea estates produced Gold Tea.

How and why?

Because they never compromise with the quality of their produced tea product, 

This beautiful tea garden is situated at Manohari (A border area between India-Burmese).

This estate covers 7.29 km2 area of Manohari and here 4 km2 area is covered with complete tea plants.

Can’t we call it a giant?………………

So, next

assam tea garden hd wallpaper

Image Credit-Amlan Basumatari

7. Joya Bagan Tea Estate: – ‘Joya Bagan’; ………..is an idea come to your mind by reading this name?

In Assam tea garden list, it is also an important name from the commercial and historical viewpoint.

Because the place where this garden is created is the birthplace of the great Assamese women Joymoti Konwari, she sacrificed her life for her Bongohordeo (Husband) and for better retention of Ahom kingdom.

Joya Bagan has situated in Sivasagar districts Madhuri area.

So, if you are interested to see the Joya Bagan and Joymoti Konwari birthplace then you can freely visit Madhuri.

It’s only 16 km away from Sivasagar town, so you can easily go there for a touring delight.


8. Teloijaan Tea Estates: – Teloijaan is another a biggest tea garden in Assam. It was created in 1922,

Till now 2018, it passes 96 long years of its life.

It’s really great, especially known for giving delightful experience to people through its tea.

Each year with the producing over 2.7 million kgs of tea, it becomes one of the largest tea estates of Assam.

Teloijaan tea estate falls generally in Dibrugarh district’s Moran area. If you, travel to Dibrugarh then stay for a while and see the how vast this garden really is.


9. Monabari Tea Estate: – Hey, finally I am going to tell you about the biggest of all.

As I mentioned in the name; yes, it is the Monabari Tea Estate.

A vast…………..really vast tea garden in Assam, this tea garden is the largest not only in Assam but also it is Asia’s number 1 tea estate in size.

This tea estate is owned by a company private company named McLeod Russel India Limited.

Around 12 km2 areas, it is situated in Biswanath district of Assam. Each year it produces about 3 million kgs of tea and supplies into different countries of all over the world.

Now you tell me how Assam does not deserve to be honored as the king state in tea production?


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